Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is Squawker Jon chugging some haterade? He's becoming a bitter Mets fan!

My Met fan writing partner is unleashing the bitterness these days. And the target for his anger? What else - the Yankees! Oh joy.

Here's the story - Squawker Jon recently wrote a satirical piece suggesting that the 1969 Mets was a hoax. He was kidding, of course.

Then there's Squawker reader Uncle Mike, who wrote this in response to Jon mentioning the article today here at Subway Squawkers headquarters:
No, Jon, the Mets' 1969 World Series victory was not a hoax.
It was a fraud. Come on, look at the film: Agee was out.
Had that call been correctly made, the Cubs would have stayed on top of the National League East, and it would have been either the Braves in the NLCS or the Orioles in the World Series to whom they choked.
The Mets' 1973 Pennant was also a fraud. Seriously, an 82-79 team winning the Pennant? Ya gotta believe something ain't right there.
The Mets' 1986 World Championship? Oh please....
Uncle Mike continued with the argument a bit longer, detailing everything wrong with the 1986 and 2000.Mets.

And then Squawker Jon flipped his lid. I don't know if it was that post, or just general frustration for rooting for such a pathetic team, but Jon wrote this in the article's comments section:
The 1969 Mets are the reason I remain a diehard Met fan to this day. The piece was meant to poke fun at a year when everything went wrong in unbelievable ways, and I was trying to figure out what was the worst thing that could happen next. And for me, that would be questioning the 1969 Mets.
Uncle Mike, as long as you are listing frauds, you should include the 1996 Yankees, whose championship run began with the Jeffrey Maier interference.
Then there's the PED era - Clemens, Pettitte, almost half the 2000 team - the Yankees are not alone here, but they are certainly a big part of it.
At least the Yankees spent their "massive amounts of cash" publicly when they bought this season's title.
Oh, snap! Did you drink some haterade, Squawker Jon? I mean, really.

At the risk of sounding like a bitter Yankee fan, I gotta squawk about this. You wanna talk steroids? Do I have to bring up your hero Mike Piazza again?

And Jeffrey Maier? If he had been at a Mets playoff game, he would have interfered with a David Wright homer or something. Oh, wait. David Wright doesn't hit homers anymore.

And as for spending, at least the Yankees didn't get taken in either Bernie Madoff or Steve Phillips.

But I guess I should feel magnanimous to you, the bitter Mets fan. After all, my team has October baseball to look forward to. What do you get to watch next month? MRI results?

Scratch that. You do have something to root for. Your beloved Boston Red Sox. That's right. Red Sox Nation will have a few new members in the postseason, thanks to you and the other denizens of the He-Man Yankee Haters Club. Good grief.

Is Squawker Jon right to be irate? Or is he out of line? Leave us a comment! 


Jonmouk71 said...

The thing here is that Jon was being satirical (originally) and Uncle Mike (I think) was trying to be funny in kind. Then one of the Anonymous posters jumped with both feet on Uncle Mike and then followed up with a scathing indictment of Jon. Some people just can't take a joke! Jon then followed with an explanation of his humorous intent and perhaps to re-establish his Met credentials jumped all over Uncle Mike and the Yankees. I, too, have tried at times to be amusing (Have I failed?), suggesting that Met fans, upset over the attention given to Derek Jeter/Gehrig, follow the Eddie Kranepool Mets team hit record. I was then accused, by (probably) our same Anonymous friend of kicking the Mets when they were down. All which goes to show that Tom Hanks was right: "There's no HUMOR in baseball!"

Uncle Mike said...

Well said, both Lisa and Jonmouk. Particularly Lisa's reference to Piazza. "Greatest hitting catcher of all time," my foot.

About Jeffrey Maier. Look at the tape again. Tony Tarasco was NOT going to catch that ball no matter what. Look where his glove is, and look where the ball is. You talk about conspiracy theories, from the viewer's perspective, that ball was... back and to the left! Back and to the left! Not only didn't he properly line up his glove, but he didn't jump for the ball. He assumed it would come to him, and he blew it!

Had Jeffrey Maier found something better to do that day (God only knows what could be better than being in the original Yankee Stadium for an October game), that ball would have been off the wall, Derek Jeter would've been on at least second base, the Yankees probably would have won the game and the World Series anyway, and Tarasco would go down in history next to the Colts who clowned their way through that Super Bowl loss to the Jets as the biggest goat in the history of Baltimore sports.

The least Tarasco should do is buy Maier a drink. He's about to turn 25, so at least it's legal now.

I'm not exactly a kid anymore (as one particular poster likes to point out), so I can take Jon's haterade. Fortunately, I have the best revenge. It's questions. Tow of them. First, did anything interesting happen in tonight's Yankee game? The second and better question: Did anything interesting happen in tonight's Met game? Hee hee hee hee...

Uncle Mike said...

That should have been, "I have questions. Two of them." It's 2 AM, and tiredposting is pretty much the same as drunkposting. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mike (aka MINJ) is a bitter, hateful little man, with nothing better to do than bash the Mets. He seems to find it distasteful to simply root for his own team, he takes great joy in dumping on all of the other teams that are unable to buy themselves a trophy. Is that how you find joy in life, you pathetic little man? Take my advice, GET A LIFE!!

Anonymous said...

When did this turn into such an angry website?

Uncle Mike said...

When YOU showed up, Ed!

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