Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Squawker Jon does it again - he jinxes the perfect game

Want to know why Andy Pettitte didn't pitch a perfect game or no-hitter last night? Forget about Jerry Hairston Jr.'s error. It really was Squawker Jon's fault, with an assist from me.

I shouldn't have picked up the phone when Jon called to chat during the seventh inning of last night's Yankees-Orioles game. After all, I have caller ID, and I should know about Jon's jinxing skills by now. But I got lured in, anyway.(Let me get all A.J. Burnett here and wail, "Why did I do that?")

Anyhow, we were talking about the perfect game, and what kind of grief Alex Rodriguez would get for not playing in the perfecto if it actually happened. (See how unclutch A-Rod is? They only pitched a perfect game without him. Jeter is teh clutch, etc. etc.) It wasn't going to be a pleasant night for Alex if it had happened.

Then, Jerry Hairston Jr. muffled the play and cost Andy the perfect game. He looked mortified. And after that, Nick Markakis' clean hit also happened to be close to Hairston. Poor Jerry. I think it's ridiculous to blame him, though, as some in the media are doing. The odds were against Pettitte anyway, especially given that it's been three years or so since he's even pitched a complete game.

Besides, if there is anybody to blame, it should be Jon the Jinx!

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Anonymous said...

You think by now the both of you would learn! How many times have you jinxed one another? (BTW, I think you're winning that competition *grumble grumble*)


NY Sports Jerk said...

Who the hell picks up the phone during an inning?

For shame.

Jonmouk71 said...

This was hardly Don Hoak's error in the 13th inning when Harvey Haddix had pitched 12 perfect innings against the Braves in 1959. Hairston needs to keep his head up - and remember what Hoak said to Haddix after the game: "I've booted some before, Harv, and I'll boot some again". Oh, and Haddix lost his perfect game and the ballgame - Pettitte and the Yankees won!

Jonmouk71 said...

Also remind Jon what franchise hasn't ever had a no-hitter, much less a perfect game pitched for them.... ;)

Uncle Mike said...

Ah, but the Mets HAVE had numerous no-hitters pitched against them, including a perfect game by Jim Bunning of the Phillies in 1964. Yeah, Shea Stadium was a great pitcher's park that fine summer Sunday afternoon!

And all those no-hitters pitched by former Mets, including a few not pitched by Yankees or Nolan Ryan!

Disclaimer: I've done it, too. Remember Game 1 of the 2004 ALCS, when Mike Mussina took a perfecto into the 7th against The Scu -- I mean, the Red Sox? I called a friend who'd just started getting into baseball, and said, "Wake up the girls, let them see this. This is something really special." Within 5 minutes, the perfect game and the no-hitter were gone. The Yankees still won, but I wonder if that jumping to conclusions may have manifested itself in bad karma later on...

I don't believe in curses, jinxes or ghosts... except when it comes to sports! As a person who'd like to think he's an intelligent man, I know that the Curse of the Bambino (still in place *), and the Curse of Kevin Mitchell, don't actually exist and never did. But as a baseball fan and especially as a Yankee Fan, it's fun to believe.

Jon Lewin said...

I jinx my own team every night just by turning on the TV - it's only fair that I get to jinx the other guys once in a while.

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