Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Squawker Media Alert: Lisa on radio at 1:30 p.m. today

Lisa will be squawking baseball with Mike Lindsley of ESPN Radio 104.5 FM Albany at 1:30 p.m. today. If you are in the Albany area, you can listen to her on 104.5 FM on the radio. If not, check out the station's website and listen to her there. Thanks!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Harvey lives up to the hype

Friday night, Squawker Lisa and I made our first trip out to Citi Field this year, along with our friend David, and we caught a glimpse into a bright future for the Mets. A dominant pitcher, productive sluggers and an energized ballpark. While it was great to see Ike Davis and Luca Duda homer twice each, particularly when two of those homers came off of Stephen Strasburg, the main reason to cheer was Matt Harvey. The Mets' history revolves around ace pitchers, and the Mets appear to have another one.

I grew up planning my trips to the ballpark around when Tom Seaver was pitching. Then it was Dwight Gooden. Last year, I went to the last home game of the year to see R.A. Dickey win his 20th. But at the start of 2013, the only pitcher I thought about planning to see was Dickey returning to New York as a Blue Jay and pitching at Yankee Stadium. Now it's time to start seeing when Harvey pitches next.

The Nationals are the team picked by many to go the World Series. The other two pitching matchups this weekend are Gio Gonzalez vs. Jeremy Hefner and Jordan Zimmermann vs. Dillon Gee. Anything can happen and I hope for the best, but, well, at least today is Bark in the Park and tomorrow is Ron Darling Bobblehead Day.

But the Nationals' top pitcher, the one expected to lead his team to domination of the Mets' division for the next decade, couldn't dominate the Mets last night, while the Mets' top pitcher showed that when he's on the mound, a so-so Met team can compete with anyone. 
Last night, fans also got to cheer the announcement of the capture of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect. I appreciated the playing of Boston-themed music before each inning. Even Lisa approved, though when "Sweet Caroline" was played in the ninth, she drew the line at joining me in singing along.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Yankees: There must be a pony in there somewhere

It's gonna be a long season. Yesterday's Yankees' opener ticked me off for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to see the major league debut of the highly touted outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. I am not envious of very much about the Red Sox, but I am envious that their fans can cheer on Bradley, who seems like a good dude, as well as third baseman Will Middlebrooks. Instead, we Yankee fans can cheer on the ancient Vernon Wells in left field, and Kevin Youkilis, the guy who lost his job due to Middlebrooks' ascension. Oh, joy.

But how is it that Boston could have such good young players, given how high in the draft they have picked over the last decade? Isn't that one of the many excuses Brian Cashman has when it comes to the state of the Yankees?

Anyhow, it seems like most of the Yankee fans there at Opening Day seem to be as "optimistic" about the team this year as I am. Which is to say that they are not. Why else would they flee in droves *before* it rained, when the Yanks were only three runs behind in the seventh?

Loved Joe Girardi's excuse that it was a "school night" for fans leaving early. Really, Joe? The game ended at 4:47 p.m.! What a lame rationalization.

And so much for the Yankees' great pitching saving the day. If CC Sabathia's velocity doesn't increase soon, the Yanks will have a very long -- and losing -- season indeed. To top it all off, the Mets had a terrific Opening Day, making the Yankees look even worse in comparison.

I was completely unsurprised by this turn of events for the Yanks, though. Why should we expect crummy ownership, and a crummy general manager, and a crummy manager to produce a diamond in the rough out of this crummy team. Not to mention that the rest of the AL East has improved, while the Yankees have regressed. Maybe we can clap our hands and believe in fairies, but the reality is that the Bronx Bombers are really going to be the Bronx Bummers this year.

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