Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh no! Mets have a better record than the Yankees!

Yeah, yeah, I know that it is still early. But the fact is that on May 18, 2012, with nearly a quarter of the season played, the New York Mets have a better record than the New York Yankees, despite the over $100 million payroll differential between the two. The Mets are 21-17, and the Yanks are 20-18.

Yankee fans are used to saying "See you in October" when it comes to slow starts. After all, they have had several very sluggish starts in recent years, and still made the playoffs. But to me, so far this season seems to have more of a 2008 feel (when they didn't make the postseason at all) than a 2006 feel.

You cannot go 3 for 41 with runners in scoring position in your last five games and expect to win. And really, I've had it with seeing Joe Girardi not bench Mark Teixeira to get some rest.

I once ended up in an emergency room due to a bad case of bronchitis -- I could not breathe. So I know how debilitating a bronchial infection can be. Meanwhile, Tex has a bad bronchial infection, yet he keeps on playing, despite not exactly doing the team much good by doing so. Teixeira keeps on saying how he's going to grind through this, which is silly. Take some time off, or, more to the point, Girardi ought to make him take some time off, and maybe Teixeira might actually get better at some point.  Put it this way -- if you cannot get through a day or a game without at least one coughing fit, it's time to take a day or two off, for goodness sake. Now there's talk that Tex might finally get a day off -- about a week or so too late.

So yeah, I am a little cranky this morning, especially knowing that the Mets have a better record than the Yanks. And that is with me jinxing the Mets with my appearance twice this year!  Squawker Jon and I were at Tuesday's Met loss. Believe it or not, we sat in front of a row of eight nuns, and they still couldn't outdo my jinxing powers!


Anonymous said...

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and a big shout-out to YOUR last place Yankers! HA HA HA HA HA

That's right the Yankers are tied for last place with the Red Sox, but I would list the Red Sox ahead of the Yankers because a) the Yankers suck, and b) the Red Sox have a better run differential (+19 to +1), suggesting that the Red Sox are the better team, which we all knew anyway.

My Mets are solidly locked in 4th place ahead of the Phillies, but they are NOT in LAST PLACE!! Nobody expected the Mets to do anything this year with their payroll slashed by 40+ million, but so far they have surprised everyone with their scrappy play. Even if the Mets end the season at .500 or slightly under, it will be a significant accomplishment considering what dead head Fred has done to the team. Let's go Mets!

Uncle Mike said...

The Mets have surprised everyone? That would require everyone to notice them, and nobody who isn't drinking the Flushing Flavor-Aid (they can't afford Kool-Aid) has noticed them.

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