Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time for Brian Cashman to grow up

When Yankees GM Brian Cashman started his "look at me, I'm rappelling" nonsense a few years ago, I got hate mail from his minions for daring to criticize his immaturity. Apparently, if you act like a complete knucklehead, risking your life and health, but it's for charity, it's perfectly acceptable to some people. I wondered then about what would happen if something went wrong then, and he got hurt.

Now Cashman, who appears to be both bored and reckless, a bad combination, has a broken leg and a dislocated ankle thanks for his breathtaking irresponsibility. And don't tell me it's cool because it's for charity -- in this case, to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. He could get publicity for the organization by writing them a check, too, but that wouldn't involve the "look at me and how cool I am" act.

Cashman is unrepentant about twice jumping out of a plane, saying this:
“It was an incredible experience. I’m really into doing things I haven’t done before. I always say that’s called living. I don’t want to wake up when I’m older and say, ‘I really wish I’d done X, Y, or Z.’ You get a lot of opportunities when you’re the GM of the Yankees.”
Gee, and I thought it was all about the charity. No, kids, it's all about his self-aggrandizement. What's next, trying bath salts because he hasn't done that before, either?

And really, if he wants to do something he hasn't done before, how about drafting a pitcher who becomes a long-term ace for the Yanks? Or making a good trade in which the Yankees get the better end of the deal without overpaying?

Do you remember what Derek Jeter said about undergoing similar surgery Cashman did, and the aftermath? How Jeter, who never has been known to complain about health issues, called it an "absolutely terrible" offseason, and said he had to learn how to walk again, and got around on a motor scooter for over a month?

But Jeter got hurt playing all-out to help his team, not being a dumbass to promote himself. And he also had the offseason to recover. Our idiot GM will have to do this while doing his day job, too. Good grief.

John Harper quoted Cashman saying the following:
“I made a rookie mistake,” Cashman said before leaving for Broward General. “But I have no regrets whatsover. Stuff happens. It was an amazing experience.”

Cashman laughed and said, “Hopefully I’m raising even more awareness now. I’m becoming a Wounded Warrior, I guess. I’ll be fine. I was more embarrassed than anything.
My late father was a paratrooper in World War II, jumping out of airplanes to defend his country, not to prove how cool he was. He also was a real wounded warrior, getting a Purple Heart in the process. For Cashman to compare himself to true wounded warriors like my father and the men and women wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan serving their country is the height of offensiveness. And the only "awareness" Cashman is raising is of what a dolt he is.


coolnewyorker said...

This article is not only harshly uncalled for but inanely reeking with puzzling displaced hostility.

Like Brian should not have a life outside baseball and/or the stress-filled aura of the Yankee universe.

Getting hurt in sports has nothing to do with maturity index. It happens, regardless. Period!

Ankle injury is very common in sky-jumping. And yes, jumpers-of all ages-just keep jumping, nonetheless. Yeesss...sky jumping is that exhiliratingly addicting.

Lisa, you should try it. You probably need it. ...even just to get away from the doldrums you seem to be stuck in.

Lisa Swan said...

I think I'll pass on jumping out of airplanes. But thanks for thinking of me.

Uncle Mike said...

Trying the rappelling and the skydiving once each is understandable. But he keeps going back. If I were reckless enough to try skydiving, and got away without getting hurt, would I go right back up a few minutes later? Yeah, right after I insult John Gotti Jr. to his face. Because that's how stupid you'd have to be.

Cashman has rights. He also has responsibilities. What good is he to the Yankees if he's able-bodied? More than he is if he's laid up in a hospital. Or dead.

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