Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is Darryl Strawberry a Yankee or a Met? Read on to hear what he told us!

Squawker Jon and I have many ongoing arguments -- that is part of the reason we write a blog together! Anyhow, one of the many things we do not agree on is whether Darryl Strawberry is more of a New York Met or a New York Yankee. So when we got a chance to meet Darryl this week, we got to ask him what he thought!

First up, the event, at Slate on 21st Street in Manhattan, was hopping. Along with our cocktails, we got to have some delicious food, courtesy of LYFE Kitchen. (We had flatbread pizza, some cool soups, and yogurt bars -- all tasted great.) Thanks to the folks hosting the party for inviting us!

And the Home Run Derby was running on the huge TV screens the club had. (Wasn't Yoenis Cespedes amazing? Why isn't he a Yankee again?)

Anyhow, Jon and I got to meet both Darryl Strawberry and John Franco, get autographs of them, and also get our pictures taken with them. Then the photos were printed out for them to sign, and they autographed the pix! Pretty sweet.

I talked to Franco about Staten Island (he used to live there.) And I explained to Darryl that Jon and I wrote a Yankees-Mets blog together, and that I wanted to know whether he considered himself a Yankee or a Met. What do you think he told us?

Drumroll please: He said he considered himself "New York"! What a diplomat! And it means that neither Jon nor I wins the argument!

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