Monday, January 18, 2010

Yes, I'm rooting for the Sanchize, Cryin' Ryan, and the rest of the Jets

I haven't had much to squawk about as of late - there hasn't exactly been a lot going on in Yankeeland these days - but I have been watching football. And yes, I'm still recovering from my Texas Longhorns' National Championship Game debacle, where Colt McCoy getting injured in the first series of the game stymied my team's chances. To see the Longhorns lose the game was hard to take.

I also watched some NFL games this weekend. I rooted for the Dallas Cowboys (!) to beat the insufferable Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. Unfortunately, it didn't happen, and we're stuck with his arrogance for at least another week.

And unlike Squawker Jon, who always mananges to take the side of whatever team is facing the Yankees and the Longhorns, I actually am very excited over the Jets. Congrats to Squawker Jon and all the Mets/Jets fans out there. That was one heck of a game their team played against the Chargers yesterday. And now the Sanchize, Cryin' Ryan, and the rest of the Jets are just one game away from the Super Bowl!

Considering that they did beat the Indianapolis Colts once already this year, you can't count the Jets out. (Yes, yes, I know that the Colts took Peyton Manning out early. But still!) It also warms my heart that the Jets are still playing, while Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots are sitting at home.

And I find coach Rex Ryan endlessly entertaining, with his emotions and his theatrics. I like that he's not one of the no-personality, cliche-filled coaches in the NFL. Here's his postgame speech:

Anyhow, I'm not going to claim to be a diehard Jets fan. But I am rooting for the Jets to win it all this year. Especially if it's against Brett Favre in the Super Bowl!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Riddering said...

The Colts pulled Manning and all their other key starters as well in Week 16, let's not forget ahem hrrrum.

/Colts fan throat clearing

I think it will be a good game next week even if I have the Colts heading to the Super Bowl. It's nice to have another week of Ryan as well--he's one of the best things about following the NFL right now. Loved his quote about hoping Manning doesn't play again this week.

But don't even joke about the Vikings making it past the Saints. I will be forced to create a Favre doll and burn him in effigy just to dissipate my loathing for him and the media circus that reports on him.

nutballgazette said...

Of course Lisa you do realize that Every Single Time the Jets win the Super Bowl the Mets win the World Series!
Can you live with that? haaa!

Uncle Mike said...

I've never been a Jets fan, having been driven nuts as a kid with all the glorification of Joe Namath and his whopping two postseason victories. It was awfully hard to square that with the broken-down wreck I was then watching. (See also, "Orr, Bobby, Number 4 of the Chicago Blackhawks." At least Walt Frazier of the Cleveland Cavaliers still had some moves.)

But this team has won me over with their desire and their infectious enthusiasm. And they really have no pressure on them. A rookie quarterback loses the AFC Championship Game? Didn't hurt Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers all that much. If the Colts win, the Jets have many reasons to believe they will be back. By contrast, if the Jets win, the Colts will once again have lost a home Playoff game that they should have won. (They're only 5-3 in Playoff games in Indianapolis, all in the Peyton Manning era. If you include their Baltimore years, the Colts are 9-5, not an appreciably better winning percentage.)

Note also that, when the Jets did win their one and only Super Bowl thus far, they had to beat the Colts, and a Colt team favored by far more than Manning's team is. And the Super Bowl itself? Joe Robbie Stadium (or whatever they're calling it these days) isn't the historic Orange Bowl and it's in the suburbs rather than the ghetto, but it's still "Miami."

Let me say this about the Texas Longhorns: They did a remarkable job against Alabama considering McCoy's injury. I don't remember the backup's name, but considering the cauldron he was thrown into, for which he was almost completely unprepared, he played with poise, and gave his team a good chance to win. This was a painful loss for them, but we're not talking about a Bill Buckner or Scott Norwood type of loss. A very good team was beaten by a better one. They have no reason to hang their heads -- except from exhaustion.

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