Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jesus Montero's Yankee Stadium batting average falls to .471

Before the Squawkers attended last night's return of Jesus Montero to Yankee Stadium, Lisa predicted that the former Yankee would hit a home run. And he did! 

Since Lisa has managed to jinx most Met games she has attended, I was hoping to return the favor, and it looked like it might happen when Montero's homer put the Mariners ahead in the sixth inning. But it was not to be.

Last night, the Mets blew a ninth-inning lead and their five-game winning streak came to an end. The only other notable win streak the Mets have had this year (four games) came to an end when Lisa and I went to the April 10 loss to the Nationals. Maybe I should just stay out of all ballparks with Lisa when the Mets go on a winning streak.

The apologists for the disastrous Montero-Michael Pineda trade can take heart in the fact that Montero's 1-for-4 evening dropped his Yankee Stadium batting average from .500 (15-for-30) to .471. His OPS in Yankee Stadium plummeted from 1.483 to 1.462.

Meanwhile, current Yankee catcher Russell Martin isn't enjoying the cozy confines of Yankee Stadium quite as much this season. Martin is hitting just .071 (3-for-42) at the Stadium with an OPS of  only .347.

While at Yankee Stadium, I got the meatball sandwich from Parm in the Great Hall. Along with the Lobel's steak sandwich, Yankee Stadium now has two concession stands with food worthy of the offerings at Citi Field.


Anonymous said...

At his current pace, Montero's batting average (at the bank vault) will be down to about .380 by the time the Mariners play there last game there this year. What a disaster!

Everything is better at CitiField - the stadium, the food, the fans, the players - EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else tired of watching the fricking yankees or red sox? I keep trying to get back every year I plan to and every year its the fricking Yankees or red sox. Jut got yankees tickets I think i’m the hug yankees fan. but I have a feeling a need will arise later in the yr and Phelps will be up for the task

Uncle Mike said...

Mya left the exact same comment on my blog. But Urinalfresh23 wouldn't dare, because there, I don't have to abide by Lisa's language rules.

Nothing is better at Citi Field. The stadium is a pitcher's park, and hitter's parks are better. The food is ordinary and the lines for it are ridiculous, the Yankees really improved things there. The fans are not better -- not even the visiting ones. The players? Name ONE Met who would break into the Yankees' starting lineup! Johan Santana would be the 3rd starter at best, and whoever the Mets' closer is, he wouldn't even displace Soriano, much less Rivera or Robertson!

Maybe parking is better at Citi Field. If you don't mind parking next to a junkyard. Considering Met fans, it may be hard to tell which cars were meant for the parking lot and which for the junkyard. Does it matter? The Mets themselves are now a scrap heap.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, just out of morbid curiousity I took a look at your blog, and let me tell ya, you ain't getting a whole of attention there bubba. Aside from Mya's comment, the only other comment to any of your posts (front page only, I didn't waste my time looking through your older posts) was from someone named Paul who corrected you on your memory (or lack thereof). So to say I wouldn't "dare" comment on your blog, it's more like I wouldn't "care", just like NO ONE ELSE cares to comment on anything you have to say.

CitiField is a pitcher's park but is becoming more of a hitter's park since they moved the fences this year. If they move them in another 100 feet or so, they'll be just about as close to home plate as the fences in Yanker stadium.

Hitter's parks can be better, the best one I can think of is Fenway Park, the ultimate hitter's park, as well as "America's most beloved ballpark".

So the Yankers are improving their food? It makes sense, since they haven't improved the product on the field at all. Talk about stink-o! They figured "well we may as well improve the food since the 'fans' are going to get agita watching the game, at least something will be easy to swallow"! And logically speaking, since the Yankers have improved their food, that tells me that it used to really suck. The Mets have ALWAYS had good food, ALWAYS will.

We've previously discussed what would happen if you took any Yanker phony-baloney player and put him/her on another team. He'd suck royally! I guess there is just something about being surrounded by $200 million that brings out the "best" in your players.

And I'd rather park next to a junkyard than next to a cesspool. That's just what you've got there on 161st street, the world's largest cesspool! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

Well here we are on the evening of May 17. The Mets won this afternoon, 9 - 4, and the Yankers got beat by Toronto, 4 - 1. Which coincidentally gives Toronto a sweep of the Skanks, albeit a 2-game sweep, but hey, a sweep is a sweep. Get out the brooms, sweep the Yankers into the garbage where they belong! YOU SUCK!!

btw, the Mets still have a better record than the Yankers! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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