Wednesday, October 7, 2015

So much for this being a gravy game: I am royally peeved over this Yankees loss

I was trying to be philosophical about the Yankees' postseason. This Yankees-Astros Wild Card game is the gravy game, I kept on saying. Since I didn't expect them to do anything this year, any postseason game is gravy.

Well, you know what? I care. Way too much. I am an intense, passionate person, and especially passionate about the Yankees. Jon says it's what makes me a good blogger, because I get so worked up over stuff like whatever the latest Yankee controversy is. (Jon is laconic, while I am sassy. It's in my nature!)  

So as much as I would like to be all zen over sports, the reality is that is not who I am. I get intense over stuff in the games. I curse a lot over such things, something I am usually able to control in other aspects of my life. 

Speaking of sports, I won my running club's fantasy football matchup this week by 0.06 points. Not one point; not even 1/10th of a point; 0.06 points! Needless to say, I was cursing up a storm watching Monday Night Football, until I got the fraction of a point I needed! (I think that's why Matt Harvey missed today's Mets workout. Russell Wilson's fumbles may have hurt his fantasy football chances, and he was probably upset about it!) I know people in my fantasy football leagues are looking at me like "WTF?" when I get so intense,  but that is who I am!

I also have a real competitive streak. It's why being part of the running world has been a totally different experience for me. Because it's an athletic activity that I have zero natural ability at! But I digress. 

All of this is to say that tonight's game was a nightmare to watch. A real shit show (yeah, I cursed, something I try not to do in the Squawkers. But there it is.)

Squawker Jon and I had this text exchange above, which should show my mindset tonight! (Notice Jon's little golf icon at the bottom. He's just soooo clever, isn't he? It's enough to make me want to root against the Mets!)

Speaking of which, I did my postseason prognostications a little differently this year. Instead of writing who I think will win, I ranked all of the teams in the order I would like to see them win, in order from least to most. Here's my chart. I posted it on Facebook last night before the game:

10. Cardinals:I'm sick of these dynasties and their entitled fans!
9. Dodgers: I'm still bitter about 1981.
8. Royals: I'm still bitter about 1980.
7. Blue Jays: Blame Canada.
6. Rangers: My nephew is a Rangers fan.
5. Astros: I have a slew of Astros fan friends.
4. Cubs: Because it's long past time.
3. Pirates: I interviewed Cutch and got to see the team up close. Great bunch of guys.
2. Mets: What's good for the Mets is good for the Squawkers!
1. Yankees: Wouldn't it be something if they won this year, preferably with A-Rod as MVP? All kidding aside, there are a lot of deserving fan bases there. Except for St. Louis! They've had enough lately!

Anyhow, can we bring greenies back? With all of the older players the Bombers have, who were dragging themselves into October, it would only be fair play to get them access to them! I'm kidding. Kind of. Oy.

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