Monday, March 30, 2009

Joe Girardi announces Brett Gardner as center fielder

Joe Girardi is getting to put more of his spin on this team this year. After previously announcing that Xavier Nady would start in right field, and Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon would switch places in the lineup, Girardi told reporters yesterday that Brett Gardner had won the center field job over Melky Cabrera.

The other big news yesterday was the first game at Citi Field. Squawker readers know that Jon and I will be there this Saturday to see the Mets vs. the Red Sox. And while I still haven't figured out who to root for - or against - I do have a naming idea.

Since we taxpayers are footing the bill for the naming rights at this palace, I suggest that the tarp be officially known as the TARP, as in Troubled Assets Relief Program. Every time they roll out the tarp for the rain delay, the announcer can say how this rain protection was brought to you by TARP. Talk about a win-win!

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Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I can't decide to call it Shitty Field or Tax Payers field.

I'm leaning toward Shitty.

Uncle Mike said...

How about Pity Field? Because, as Chicago South Sider and no doubt White Sox fan Mr. T would say, I pity the fool who roots for the Mets! I pity the fool!

Actually, speaking of Met fans, I just bought the new book version of "Faith and Fear in Flushing," by Greg Prince, who calls the original blog version he writes with Jason Fry, "The blog for Mets fans who like to read."

I'll stifle my laughter long enough to tell you that I'm already enjoying the book. Especially since I've gotten to the part where September 30, 2007 is now considered a day which lives in Flushing infamy as much as June 15, 1977 (Seaver and Kingman in separate trades for some magic beans that never sprouted and a mess of pottage).

Prince is a very good writer, although he appears to have forgotten the darkest day in Met history. October 26, 2000. But I shall never forget. I wonder, how many of the 405 feet of that last Mike Piazza fly to Bernie Williams were pharmacologically enhanced?

Next, I'm going to get "'78," about the city of Boston and its troubles from 1974 to 1978, culminating in a little game I like to call the Boston Tie Party. You may know it as the Bucky Dent Game. I can't tell you what Sox fans call it, as "Bronx Baseball Daily" has already brought us to our quota of two profanities. Ha!

On to serious business: I'm glad to see Girardi is starting Gardner. If it doesn't work, maybe it'll still have a positive effect in that Melky will wake up. Yeah, surrrre, as Jim Bouton used to say.

Mixing up Jeter and Damon in the batting order might also help. Having Jeter lead off sure worked in the 2000 World Series (had to work it in again), where he was named MVP.

Now, if only we can have a third baseman we can count on... both before and after A-Roid comes back.

She-Fan said...

You're rooting against the Red Sox, Lisa, and that's that. How can you even ask the question? We're talking about the RED SOX. (Hope you guys have a great time!)

Anonymous said...

Melky really ruined his chances last year with his poor play and lazy attitude. A change of scenery would do him good.

Lisa - Root against the Mets. They suck and always have.

Uncle Mike said...

I rooted for the Red Sox in October 1986, because I hated the Mets that much. You can see where that got me. So I'm going to pretend that game isn't even happening. Which is easy, because, as Billy Martin would say, "It's an exhibition game, George, it doesn't count for anything!"

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