Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mets Schedule August Promotion Featuring Jose Reyes

Will Jose Reyes get traded by the July 31 deadline? Not if you go by the 2011 promotions schedule. Friday, August 5 against the Braves is "Jose Reyes Banner and Fiesta Latina."

However, the press release announcing single-game sales includes the August 5 promotion but leaves out any mention of Reyes:

The Mets also announced more than 60 promotional days for the 2011 schedule. Highlights include Mr. Met bobblehead day on April 8, Ike Davis bobblehead day on July 19 and Fiesta Latina night on August 5.

Was Reyes left out of the press release intentionally? Who knows, but I'll be curious to see if his name remains in the promotions list.

The first spring telecast did suggest that Reyes remains an important part of the team's marketing, since he was the first player shown in the opening graphics.

As for the other promotions, at least Mr. Met and Ike Davis are unlikely to be traded.

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