Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shocker! CC Sabathia reportedly agrees to terms with Yankees

It looks like CC Sabathia wasn't so reluctant to be a Yankee after all.

The New York Post's Joel Sherman is reporting that Sabathia has accepted the Yanks' 6-year, $140 million offer to make him the richest pitcher in history, after Brian Cashman met with him for the third day in a row. (Update: CC is getting a 7-year, $161 million deal. Yikes!)

According to Sherman:
Cashman had met with Sabathia on both Sunday and Monday in Vegas. He then slipped out of the Winter Meetings yesterday to fly to San Francisco to meet again with Sabathia and also this time Sabathia's wife, Amber. It was in this meeting that Sabathia fully expressed that he wanted to come East and play in the AL, that he wanted the responsibility that comes with being the big man for the biggest team.
Squawker Jon is going to have a fit!

I had been trying to be optimistic that Sabathia's apparent reluctance was a negotiation ploy, but Jon had been teasing me, both on this board and in public, that CC didn't really want to be a Yankee.

Fortunately, it looks like money still talks. CC seemed to be the Yankees' Plan A, B, C, and D this year, so getting him is of course vitally important to their future.

But Squawker Jon isn't the only person in my life who will be unhappy about this signing. My cat C.C. is a bit peeved as well. She doesn't like Sabathia's aversion to punctuation marks, and she's also not thrilled that somebody else with her name is coming to town. Oh well.

What do you think about the Yanks getting CC Sabathia? Tell us about it!


Celerino Sanchez said...

Seven year deal for a guy with a physique like Sabathia's? I guess now that Giambi's gone we can forget the lessons of ridiculously long, multi-year contracts. Oh well, hopefully I'm eating my words come October...of 2015.

NAM said...

Congratulations. But that's an awful lot of money and a long contract. Do you think he will wear his hat straight when he wears pinstripes.

Tim said...

I heard it was 7 years and $160 mil. Yikes, let's see what shape he's in when he's in his mid thirties.

Michael said...

Tim, I predict in his mid-thirties, the shape of CC will be round and rich.

Anonymous said...

I also just read 7 yrs $160 mill-wow and I thought we were in a recession. CC reports claim is a nice guy, good teammate, and wants to win but that is a lot of money.Here is hoping he stays healthy, and performs like everyone thinks he can.My christmas wish is they sign Texiera next.

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

I'm pretty happy! Now sign Petitte for $10MM plus incentives and Sheets for a 2 year deal and have Hughes, Aceves, Kennedy ready to replace Petitte in 2010 and McAllister, Betances, Brackman and Bleich to replace Sheets in 2011.

She-Fan said...

He still has to pass the physical. It's possible that 300 lbs is over the Yankees' legal limit.

Lisa Swan said...

7 years, $160 million? Unreal!

And the New York press can dig out the Hefty Lefty designation again, which hasn't really been used since David Wells.

Victor said...

CC... Please don't be a bust!

Anonymous said...

The clause in the contract that sealed the deal for CC was that he could be the DH on non-pitching days-yikes!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited that CC agreed to come with us after all! I think he improves our rotation dramatically - and if we can lad Sheets and Burnett, I think we have a legitimate rotation to seriously contend with.

But...I think the contract he was offered was a bit over the top! Wow - it took an offer of 7 years at $160 Million?? Like I posted yesterday in a different thread, I hope he really wants to play for us and that he'll be happy here, because the novelty of this contract will settle in and wear off, and his performance will be enhanced by the mood he's going to be in locked up with is until he's 35 years old.

David Wells was an anomaly. He was the size of a whale with a rubber arm. We can only hope that CC will have the same type of arm, because I don't see him in a Pilates class in the foreseeable future. I hope he will be able to give us at least four excellent years and help us succeed in the post season.

Otherwise, yes, sure I'm extremely happy with this!! I'll be even happier when it's official and when we can get the other pitchers we need to become the dominant AL East team once again.

Plus, it's always a beautiful thing when we can steal the Mets thunder right out from under them. They made headlines yesterday with the K-Rod signing, and here we come with the CC deal that overtakes them.

Man, that's so great!!!

Uncle Mike said...

Oh, say, can you CC? Yes we can!

So he gets the best of both worlds: He pitches for THE baseball franchise, and he can afford the off-season house on the West Coast that he wants, leading many to think he would sign with the Dodgers.

Celerino: CC looks like he's already eaten your words, and mine, and a few other people's! But if he delivers, who cares what takeout food is delivered to him!

Tim: Are you a Red Sox fan? I refer you to Fats Domino, your DH. Not to be confused with Mo Vaughn, although their swings are very similar.

Anonymous: Why not let CC DH? He can't be any worse a hitter with men on base and the game on the line than A-Rod! In fact... A guy who can hit 54 home runs, and a fat lefthanded pitcher who can hit home runs with men on base... We've finally replicated Babe Ruth! It just took us two guys, and $435 million, to do it!

Emperor: You're right (as usual), but the Mets can keep their thunder. Thunder only makes noise, and noise that turns out to be empty is something Met fans know all about. I want lightning, which can actually do some damage.

Anonymous said...

Loved how you combined A-Rod and CC to re-create The Babe, Mike! LOL!! But how right you are! (I think The Babe was still just a little better than both of them combined, though).

You're right about the lightening. Do you think we caught lightening in a bottle with the CC deal?

Anonymous said...

Think we'll go for Texeira?

Tim said...

I also read that he has an opt out clause after 3 years.
What did I say that would make you think I'm a Red Sox fan?

Cesar said...

He struggled with the Indians, then he dominated with the Brewers, now he's heading back to the AL with the Yankees. I c

Cesar said...

Sorry, last comment was cut off...anyway, I don't see him having that same kind of success with the Yankees as he did with the Brewers.

Anonymous said...

"Plus, it's always a beautiful thing when we can steal the Mets thunder right out from under them. They made headlines yesterday with the K-Rod signing, and here we come with the CC deal that overtakes them."

Congrats emperor, you did indeed steal our thunder! now the thunder we hear will ge CC walking up the dugout steps!

Congrats on CC, I think that he is a great pitcher and will be successful in NY....but $160 million? who the hell offered him above $120? more than $100 even? It would appear, and has been said in the media since the report, that the yankees were bidding against themselves at those numbers, sort of like Arod. It is a shame for CC though, not the contract of course, but I don't get the feeling that he wants to be in NY. It has been mentioned that perhaps there was pressure on him from the union to accept the highest offer. and the 3 year player opt-out is interesting as well.

and now there are reports of a 4 yr $68 million offer to lowe and a 5 yr $91 million offer to burnett! I am a met fan, so my math might not be too good, but that would be @$319 million for 3 players!!!!

I hope that yankee fans go out and buy themselves some nice, big, HDTV's to watch the games on. that money has to come from somewhere and trips to the new yankee stadium just ballooned faster than CC's waist!!

Anonymous said...

after seeing the deal omar pulled for putz, I will contradict my previous post regarding compulsions and state, with absolute confidence, that Omar Minaya is the best GM in New York!

Uncle Mike said...

At the rate Omar Minaya is going, he won't be any GM in New York in a year.

Anonymous said...

MINJ, I don't know how your comment makes any sense?

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