Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the Yankees' Walkoff Win, "Glee," "Dancing With the Stars," and the Mets

I was watching last night's Yankee game until 9 p.m., when I switched over to the season finale of "Glee." Hey, don't judge. I don't like to watch season finales on DVR or tape delay, because I know that even if I wait an hour to watch it, I'll come across somebody talking about the show in question on Twitter or Facebook or online, I'll get ticked off that the show was spoiled, and it will ruin my enjoyment. So I'd rather prevent the aggravation and watch it live.

Anyhow, because of that, I missed watching the end of the Yankees' exciting walkoff win live, although I did catch it later, after watching the season finale of "Dancing With the Stars." I was happy to see Hines Ward, who I have rooted for all season, take the mirror ball trophy home! I still want to see a baseball star on DWTS one day, though.

It was good to see the Yankees have an old-fashioned rally, and they looked about as happy as I've seen the team all year!

In other news, there's word that Rafael Soriano is going to visit Dr. Andrews, which is never a good thing. Brian Cashman looks vindicated on that signing, that's for sure!

* * *
As for the Mets' mess, there have been some really good articles written criticizing Fred Wilpon. In his piece "Choose the Mets," my friend Mark Healey suggests not putting any money into the Mets' coffers until Wilpon is gone. Ian O'Connor has an angry column which asks that Bud Selig take over the team. "Enough is enough is enough," O'Connor sez. "If wresting the Mets from Wilpon isn't in the best interests of baseball, what the hell is?"

And Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post wonders when the fans will get an apology from Wilpon:
When Wilpon described the Mets as, um, “sh***y,” what he did was admit what we’ve long suspected: that he plays his own fans for suckers, chumps, rubes, that he believes they drive to work on the same turnip truck he so vehemently wants us to believe he rides in on (or else how could poor Fred — a good man — have been so relentlessly duped by so many.
Wilpon may believe he is, in the words of that New Yorker piece, "snakebitten," but I think it's interesting how many times a supposedly smart and good man has been "fooled" so many times. Aside from the Madoff issue, and having Kirk Radomski as a clubhouse staffer back in the day, there's the whole Charlie Samuels scandal.

Samuels, who worked for the Mets for 30 years, and was their longtime clubhouse manager, not only was a clubhouse snitch for ownership, but he was involved with illegal gambling (the second Mets employee to be busted for such a thing). And he also was recently charged with swiping $2.3 million in stolen Mets autographed memorabilia from the clubhouse and storing them elsewhere to sell. According to a news story about the theft, the items recovered included "507 signed and unsigned jerseys, 304 hats, 828 bats, 22 batting helmets and 10 equipment bags." And nobody noticed a thing? Are you kidding me?
What do you think? Tell us about it!


Paul said...

The Mets are "snakebit" - because they have an owner with such poor judgement.

Uncle Mike said...

Every so often, and this is one of those times, the Mets show me that the "Curse of Kevin Mitchell" stuff isn't so funny. Even at their most gut-wrenching on the field, the Red Sox, Cubs, New York Rangers and (until recently) Buffalo Bills have never had these kinds of problems.

You know what else might not be all that funny anymore? My suggestion that the Mets' and Dodgers' current ownership groups simply swap franchises, and call the Mets the Brooklyn Dodgers (even though they'll be in Queens). That, at least, might make the surviving Brooklyn fans, including ol' Fred, feel better.

Subway Squawkers said...

I agree with Paul. And with Manny Ramirez, who once said, "I don't believe in curses, I believe you make your own destination."

Uncle Mike said...

Manny made his... with help... and look where it got him. He was already one of the best hitters of his generation and a perennial postseason performer (though his teams usually failed), but he didn't just make his luck, he pushed his luck. Now, the only way he's getting to Cooperstown is on a bus.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess he'll be riding the same bus with all of your Yanker cheaters.

Uncle Mike said...

He'll be awfully lonely.

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