Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Keith Hernandez, Jose Reyes, A-Rod, and the Citi Field Fences

I'm exhausted from doing the Snoopy Dance over the Yankees beating the Mets. But I do have a few comments on the game last night.

* I thought that ball Alex Rodriguez hit last night was one of the hardest-hit he had had all season long. Yet, in Citi Field, what should have been a homer became a double, thanks to that 16-feet fence in left field. No wonder David Wright and Jason Bay don't hit the home runs they once did. Cifi Field really needs to change the dimensions.

* As Squawker Jon noted when he was on the radio this morning, Jose Reyes' game is perfectly suited for Citi Field. A-Rod said that Reyes was the "world's greatest player," something that caused a little bit of controversy. But I noted to Squawker Jon that it's too bad Fred Wilpon doesn't share Alex's sentiments!

* I hope Ivan Nova gets to stay in the Yankees' rotation, even with Bartolo Colon and Phil Hughes coming back. He's earned the spot, and has really grown as a pitcher this year.

* I know Keith Hernandez is the Mets' Derek Jeter, the untouchable hero, but I was really ticked off over his offensive "where's the purse?" comment last night? It's 2011. Can Hernandez find a way to make a point without ultimately denigrating women? Of, course, he'll get away with it, because he's Keith Hernandez, but it's still annoying.

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Uncle Mike said...

The Kansas City Royals of 1976-85 would have been a perfect team for Citi Field... alas, the current Mets, even at full strength, are not as good as those Royals, and would probably get intimidated by them.

John McGraw's New York Giants would also have liked Citi Field... on the inside. On the outside, I'm not sure they'd appreciate the resemblance to Ebbets Field.

I actually like Citi Field. In terms of convenience and comfort, it's probably the 2nd-best ballpark ever built in New York City. But then, it was only the 2nd-best ballpark to open in New York City in 2009. And, considering the prices in both parks, "convenience" is relative. In fact, you'd have to be a relative of George Steinbrenner or Fred Wilpon to think those prices were convenient.

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