Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Report: Mets Trade K-Rod to Yankees for Luxury Seats, Memorabilia

Francisco Rodriguez is headed to the Bronx. In return, the Mets will receive four Champions Suite tickets to each remaining Yankee home game and any postseason games, as well as bats, balls and jerseys signed by Derek Jeter.

The Mets will distribute the Yankee tickets to loyal Met season-ticket holders, who will now be able to attend meaningful games in September and October.

The Jeter memorabilia will be put on display in a new exhibit at the Mets' Hall of Fame, tentatively titled "Salute to a Star Shortstop Who Will Definitely Be Playing in New York in 2012."

One potential snag in the deal concerns the taxes the Mets will owe on the luxury seats and memorabilia. The bill could be as high as $15,000. The Mets are said to have asked prospective new partner David Einhorn to chip in, but have not yet received a reply.

Another issue involves K-Rod's new agent, Scott Boras, who says that K-Rod will only make the move to the Bronx if he receives some memorabilia of his own, namely the ball K-Rod used to walk Mariano Rivera with the bases loaded in 2009, resulting in the Yankee closer's only career run batted in. K-Rod would also like a shirt with a picture of Mariano and the inscription MR1 (Mariano Rivera First RBI).


Uncle Mike said...

If it were Lisa telling this joke, it wouldn't be funny at all. No real Yankee Fan would want this lunatic!

BrooklynGirl said...

Wow Jon. That is just flat out cold. I thought the people selling "Meet the Debts" T-shirts near Yankee Stadium were cruel but you've got them beat. Besides we don't need K-Rod, we have Rafael (Mr. Sourpuss)Soriano thank you very much.

Subway Squawkers said...

Given all the Mets' medical issues, shouldn't that be MRI on the shirt, Jon?

nutballgazette said...

Brilliant piece Jon.

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