Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Some Yankee Fans Feel the Need to Put the Goat Horns on A-Rod

The Yankees can never just lose a game in the postseason. There always has to be a goat. And it should be no surprise that many have already decided that Alex Rodriguez is the Game 2 goat. It's amazing how the tone in Yankeeland changes so quickly -- Saturday night, everything is sunshine and lollipops. But less than 24 hours later, you'd think the series was already lost.

Anyhow, it really ticked me off last night when Alex Rodriguez was getting booed by his own team's fan base during the game. Sometimes, I really can't stand some so-called Yankee "fans." As I've said over and over in this blog over the years, booing your own home players doesn't fix anything. All it shows is that you're a fair-weather, petulant moron. And that goes for the Met fans who booed David Wright, too.

The booing yesterday -- and the subsequent media attacks on A-Rod-- are nothing but predictable. (Although I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by ESPN New York writer Wally Matthews defending Rodriguez, saying about that the scapegoating: "It isn't fair and it isn't right.")

As I have been saying for years, no matter what he ever does in the postseason, A-Rod will always be held as a scapegoat. Those booing Yankee fans who pride themselves on being so knowledgeable on Yankee history seem to have conveniently forgotten that if it weren't for him, the Bombers wouldn't have won the 2009 World Series. And all the talk back before 2009 how if he would just have one great postseason, all would be forgiven is just nonsense, as I said at the time.

Sure, A-Rod is hitless in this series, although he does have an RBI and a walk. But the Yanks only got five hits yesterday, and Jorge Posada was the one batter in the lineup to have two hits (including a triple, my favorite moment of the day.) Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano, and Curtis Granderson were the other batters to have hits. And how did Derek Jeter, aka Captain Clutch, do? He went 0-for-5 with two strikeouts, left five runners on base, did nothing when the Yanks were trying to rally in the ninth, committed an error that led to a run, and helped cause a Boone Logan balk.

Also, I wasn't crazy with Joe Girardi pitching Luis Ayala in the ninth inning. Best bullpen in baseball, and he goes to the last man in the lineup? Hey, Joe, we're not playing Tampa anymore!

I've already heard talk about switching Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira in the starting lineup -- one ignorant writer from NBC Sports' Hardball Talk even sez A-Rod should be batting eighth, with Teixeira batting cleanup, because Mark is "the better option right now." This, even though Tex has exactly one hit in the ALDS this year, and has a .168 average in the postseason as a Yankee over the last three years. When, exactly, did Tex become Mr. October?

Anyhow, CC Sabathia better win tonight, or there will be full-scale panic in Yankeeland, given that A.J. Burnett is the Game 4 starter!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Mo said...

Well said. I'm as big a Jeter fan as anybody, but he did nothing to help yesterday. Here's the conversation I had in my head during his last couple of at bats.

"Oh crap, Jeter's coming up with runners on again. Please, Derek, just don't strike out." He strikes out. Again. Of course he does.

Cano is the best hitter on the team right now. But can he carry the team for two more wins single-handedly? I guess we'll see. But it would be nice if Alex, Curtis, Tex and yes, Jeter, would wake up and contribute something.

Kate said...

Totally agree with you Lisa about fans booing the players; I can't say I have never done it but not in the playoffs and only to Kyle Farnsworth and Sergio Mitre.

Otherwise, A-rod did make comments before the playoffs that he told ESPN

"I see the postseason as an opportunity," Rodriguez said. "An opportunity to strike."

So, when he makes statements like the above it just gives the fans more ignition to fuel the fire.

The Yankees need to win tonight, and according to the Tigers closer, the ALDS is already over and won't come back to New York.

Let's hope Yankee fans will be dancing all over Valverde in the end......

Cara said...

I agree with you also, Lisa. I was more upset at Jeter yesterday than A-Rod. I also think that this season is an important season because it is a 'changing of the guard'. It's no longer A-Rod's or Jeter's Yankees. It's more Granderson and Cano this season.
I just hope they win tonight and A.J. is just crazy enough to show up with his good stuff!

BrooklynGirl said...

+1 Lisa to your post. What game were they watching? Scherzer(sp) pitched a brillant game, a no hitter into the 6th, so that tells me that EVERY YANKEE IN THE LINEUP had a difficult time against him, not just Alex. Jeter has a tough day at the plate and commits a HUGE error in the game to plate two more runs, but he gets a pass? Could you imagine what grief Alex would have gotten in the media if HE committed the error? Why can't give Detroit its due and recognize that pitched better and got the key hits when needed, just like we did on Saturday. No that would just make too much sense. It's insulting. These guys sound more like one of those crazy fans calling the talk shows at 3am.

Uncle Mike said...

For the record, I don't blame A-Rod for the loss -- at least, not alone. This was a team effort, and the comeback was just too little, just too late.

But we've won games started by Verlander 3 times this season, including Game 1. I'm concerned, but not worried. In other words, calm the freak down, people, we've got this.

Anonymous said...

"In other words, calm the freak down, people, we've got this."

Oh yeah? Did you see game 5? All you've got is another first-round loss and earlier tee times.



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