Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why I Am Rooting for Tim Tebow Over the Hated Tom Brady and Bill Belichick This Weekend

I make no secret about I can't stand pretty much everything related to Boston and New England. When the commercial says to "Trust the Gorton's Fisherman," I say "No way! He's from Massachusetts!" I also love to hate Tom Brady and Bill (Belicheat) Belichick. It's funny that Brady does Uggs commercials, because that's what I think every time I see him -- ugh!

And Tim Tebow is my favorite NFL player to watch this year. I'm generally pretty cynical about athletes, but he is just so gosh-darn likeable, I cannot help but root for him. And all those come-from-behind wins are nothing to sneeze at, either.

Put those things together, and you have must-see TV tonight. To steal Bart Scott's link, I can't wait to see the Broncos/Patriots game later this evening. And I am going to go out on a limb here, the way I did with Squawker Jon last week on the phone, and say that Denver will win tonight. (I won a $1 from Jon over the Steelers game, but I should have bet that Jon would have to do a Tebowing pose!) While my predictions aren't always right, I did call the Jets' victory over the Pats in the playoffs last year, and the Giants' win over the "19-0" Patriots in the Super Bowl.

What New England reminds me of a little are the Yankees towards the end of the Torre years. Both teams had great dynasties going. Both teams would have impressive regular season records, where they looked pretty dominant, but they would then lose in the postseason again and again.

People talk about New England like they are the best team in football. But the last time they won a Super Bowl was when George W. Bush was getting inaugurated for the second time. The last time the Patriots won a playoff game was in their would-be undefeated season. They lost to the Sanchize and the Jets last year, 28-21, and to the immortal Joe Flacco the year before. But I am supposed to think that there is no way that they can lose today? Sorry, I'm not buying it. The glory days are over, my friend.

So, even though the Patriots are 13-point favorites, I am not counting the Broncos out. New England was nine-point favorites against the Jets last year, and how did that work out in the end?

I am strangely confident in Tim Tebow for this game. There is some sort of magic around him this year. And how great would it be for somebody who emanates such goodness to beat the face of evil? I am imaging Belichick disappearing in a great cloud of black smoke at the end of the game, with the hoodie turning into a cape!

This time around, I don't think even Squawker Jon can root against Tebow. Go Broncos!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

As much as I dislike Tebow -- his self-righteousness AND his Florida Gatorness -- I want him to win tonight. New England MUST go down. After all, the last time it was clear that God actually cared about who won a football game was when the Giants ruined the Cheatriots' book plans.

Another link between the Belichick Pats and the Torre Yanks: Jeter and Brady both did commercials for Movado watches. Seeing Jeter's billboard over the Turnpike was one thing, but Brady's? Here? Where's the wastebasket...

Lisa Swan said...

Even though last night's game was awful to watch, I still find Tim Tebow immensely appealing. He still had a great season. Too bad my prediction/hope didn't come true!

The Mighty Casey said...

I agree Lisa. nice piece.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Mikey, you lose AGAIN! Go Patriots!!

Uncle Mike said...

Oh yeah? You KNOW the Giants can beat the Cheatriots. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Come to think of it, you also know the JETS can beat the Cheatriots in the Playoffs. But it's the Giants who will have to. And will. Or haven't you noticed that the Pats haven't won a Super Bowl since Belichick was outed as a cheater?

Anonymous said...

We will see.......

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