Thursday, March 1, 2012

Have no fear, Mets ticket sales are here

Underdog, who speaks in rhyme
Tells us that it’s presale time
Now that Mets will wear the “U”
I knew what I had to do
Get my tickets just to say
Jose Jose Jose Jose.
I won’t believe that it is real
Until I see Jose in teal.
At least we still have David Wright
Until the trade deadline’s in sight.

Tuesday night, April 24, Mets vs. Marlins. We’d better be on time in case Jose gets a hit in the top of the first, then takes himself out of the game.

Lisa and I also got tickets for two of the Subway Series games at Citi Field.

Now we’re waiting for the scheduling of Underdog Bobblehead Night.

Underdog, the Mets Generation

Underdog – David Wright
Simon Bar Sinister – Fred Wilpon
Cad Lackey – Jeff Wilpon
Riff Raff – Saul Katz
Sandy the Safecracker – Sandy Alderson
General Brainley – Paul DePodesta
Needles the Tailor – Charlie Samuels
Nails the Carpenter – Lenny Dykstra
General Baldedash – Bud Selig
Sweet Polly Purebred – Mr. Met


nutballgazette said...

OMG, I am too late, I will never get those Mets vs Oakland a's Tickets now.

Jonmouk71 said...

I like to see Mets-Pirates when AJ Burnett pitches.........

Uncle Mike said...

How many people would like to see that? Oh, maybe 6,000...

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