Friday, September 7, 2012

Grrrrr -- Yankees lose in agonizing fashion to the Orioles

Obviously, last night's Yankees/Orioles game was the biggest game the Baltimore franchise has had in about 15 years or so. It was also one of the most miserable losses for the Yanks in a long time, too. What a debacle.

I've been to Camden Yards a number of times over the years, and the ballpark has had the well-deserved reputation of the name Yankee Stadium South. Not last night, with Cal Ripken and his statue in the house, and a sellout crowd of Orioles fans wearing orange.

I have heard some Yankee fans make fun of the Baltimore fanbase as being frontrunners. Well, until this season, Peter Angelos hasn't given Orioles fans much to cheer about over the past 15 years. And at least the Baltimore fans are showing up now, unlike the Tampa Bay fans who, if they exist, don't show up at all, no matter is what is going on with their team.

At any rate, no Yankee fan ought to mock fans for being frontrunners and bandwagoners. Newsflash -- if the Yankees went two years, let alone 15 years, without sniffing the playoffs, Yankee Stadium would be a ghost town.

I'm not going to second-guess Joe Girardi as much as other people are, other than to say that Mark Reynolds should never see a good pitch to hit from a Yankee pitcher ever again. At any rate, after the Yankees scored five runs in the eighth inning, making a stirring comeback to tie the game, I really thought that they were going to win. Alas, thanks to a
pitching performance by David Robertson, the Orioles came back and won the game, which has to be a huge psychological boost to the team.

Anyhow, watching the Yanks right now is a smaller-stakes but longer version of the 2004 collapse. What bad baseball we are seeing! What a nightmare.

What do you think? Tell us about it.

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Anonymous said...

Right on Lisa, the Yankers sure do SUCK! The only thing more enjoyable than watching them collapse this year, or 2004, is re-living 1990, the greatest year in Yanker history EVER!

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