Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mets need more than Harvey and Wheeler

Zack Wheeler's successful debut on top of Matt Harvey's sensational Game 1 start offered a preview of a potentially great future for the Mets, but even the Mets do end up with two healthy aces, the current team is still a long way from contending.

Before yesterday's win, Harvey had only won one of his last ten starts due to his lack of run support. The Mets won only four of those games, going 4-6 for a .400 winning percentage. Even after the Mets' doubleheader sweep of the Braves, they are just 27-40 with a winning percentage of .403, third worst in baseball, ahead of only the Marlins and Astros.

The Mets actually scored some runs yesterday, but they are a team that needs a lot of good fortune to score, such as when Marlon Byrd hit a ball off pitcher Anthony Varvano's leg that somehow turned into a double. Then Varvano tried to pick Byrd off of second and the ball went into centerfield, where it continued past befuddled Braves' outfielder B.J. Upton, allowing Byrd to come around and score. (By the way, Squawker Lisa, Varvano is a native of Staten Island.)

Sure, I'm excited that the Mets swept the Braves behind Harvey and Wheeler, but I was excited when the Mets swept the Yankees just three weeks ago and the Mets promptly lost nine of 11, including four to the Marlins.

Today, the good feelings again figure to end abruptly as Shaun Marcum and his 5.43 ERA take the mound. And the Mets are considering sticking with a six-man rotation? Except for his long relief outing in the 20-inning game, Marcum has been awful. Hey, here's an idea - why not use him in long relief?

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