Friday, June 28, 2013

Brian Cashman, reality TV star? Where is Tabatha Coffey when you really need her!?

Remember back when Brian Cashman was a nebbishy, likeable dude who didn't run around acting like his you-know-what didn't stink? Now, he's a nebbishy, unlikeable jerk who thinks he's a reality TV star or something. How long before he does one of those "Real Housewives" table flips?

Yet most of the NYC media continues to give him a pass; they act like it's still 1998, and poor Bri is under the thumb of The Boss. They haven't realized that Cashman now acts as bizarrely and angrily as Steinbrenner ever did.

I was scratching my head the other day to think if I knew of any leaders in charge at billion-dollar corporations who would publicly tell their highest-paid employee to STFU. The only one I could think of would be Donald Trump, and even then, that's not really his style when it comes to the celebrities on his show. (Instead, he gets his revenge, like he did being dissed in Penn Gillette's book, by not picking him as the winner of "Celebrity Apprentice" over Trace Atkins, even though Penn clearly earned the job. But I digress.)

The thing is with Cashman, he is not a good GM (and why is it that the Yanks miss out on signing players directly from Cuba and Japan because of Jose Contreras and Kei Igawa, but Cashman persists on trading for or signing every aging, injury-ridden has-been under the sun?) but he is good at continuing to snow the media. This, even though his behavior is increasingly erratic, arrogant (remember his K-Long screed from last week?) and just plain weird.

In Cashman's non-apology apology over A-Rod, he went on and on about how tough his life is, but how great he does 99 percent of the time, and explained him unleashing the F-Bomb as "reality TV at its best." Um, Bri, I watch a lot of reality TV, and your show should have been cancelled a long time ago (or at least had Gordon Ramsay or Tabatha Coffey come in and straighten your sorry self out!)

Anyhow, the Daily News' Bob Raissman, who has been comparing Cash to a reality TV star for years, has a pretty funny and insightful column today about the situation. Here is one tidbit from it, regarding the media reaction to Cashman talking like he ran a storage locker instead of a billion-dollar franchise:
Most of the mouths had Cashman’s back, regurgitating similar lines about “everybody” in the Yankees organization being “sick of the drama” Rodriguez brings. Or how “STFU,” as Buster Olney reported, is a “common refrain” throughout the pinstriped hierarchy when it comes to A-Rod.

Then there were those who either don’t know — or forgot — about Cashman’s propensity for losing his temper, which he has done with several reporters we have interviewed over the years.
“Brian is a bit of a loose cannon — now,” Don LaGreca said Wednesday on 98.7.

Now? Cashman, thin skin showing badly, sounded like a scorned lover back in 2008 during an interview on XM Satellite radio when he ripped writers who dared criticize him. He called the scribes “lazy” and “idiots.”

“I read some of the stuff that some of these idiots are writing. I started seeing a couple of interesting articles show up from some lazy writers that aren’t good at what they do,” Cashman said. “I’m like, ‘Guys, if you’re going to do that, then I can either let that happen as I walk out the door . . . or I can stay and change the story.’”
Yet Cashman gets away with his tired act, again and again, with most of the media lapdogs only too happy to swallow his line of garbage (like him blabbing to reporters about a private conversation with A-Rod. You know how I know Cash did it -- and probably distorted what A-Rod said to boot? Because Cashman wasn't throwing a hissy fit about the private conversation being leaked!)

Geez, can the Brian Cashman Show be cancelled already? It's been on way too long! Enough already.About these ads

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