Friday, May 2, 2014

Did the Yankee brass turn up the field microphones to amplify the Robinson Cano boos?

One of the things that struck me the other night about Robinson Cano's return to Yankee Stadium, besides the fact that Yankee fans were stupid to boo and chant "you sold out" at Cano, was how loud the boos were. There were maybe 10,000 people at the game, tops, yet I literally have never heard such a loud crowd reaction at the new stadium. I thought it was just liquored-up, angry hypocrites losing their minds that made them so loud, but my friend Steve at Yankee blog has a different theory:
The Yankees threw some gasoline on this one. No one was there at the game. And, they threw the field mics up to full throttle. When the M’s manager came out to argue with the third base ump late in the game, you could hear every word out of their mouth – until someone starting cursing and then YES lowered the volume on the feed. If YES had their field mic on normal levels, you wouldn’t have heard the Cano reaction in quite the same way.
I think Steve's theory is absolutely correct, and I would like to see somebody in the New York media ask the Yankees about this. I was wondering why we could hear the words in Lloyd McClendon's argument so clearly! I am kicking myself for not realizing this earlier. Not that there weren't boos -- I am quite sure that the boos outweighed the cheers by a large margin -- but that the Yankee brass would want to emphasis the anti-Cano boos as much as possible. Good thing this is such a classy organization.

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