Saturday, September 19, 2015

Subway Series Game 1: We'll always have Luis Castillo

Be careful what you wish for.

For a while now, I have wanted the New York Mets to be a winning team again. "It's good for the Squawkers," I would implore, when fellow Yankee fans would roll their eyes at this idea. Alright, Mr. DeMille. I'm ready for my closeup, is what I say!

You see, I am ready to get this blog to the next level. If the Yankees and Mets are both playing in October, it can mean big exposure for us. I want us (or at least me, if introvert Max, um, I mean Squawker Jon, balks) to be on New York sports radio, and TV. I want fame and fortune.  Is that so wrong?

So of course I want the Mets to do well. The Subway Squawkers talking about an October Subway Series will get much more screen time than if only the Yankees make the postseason. And I'm in fighting trim to be on TV now, too, instead of avoiding cameras. So yes, you're darn tooting I want a Subway Series next month. (And for us to do a "Warriors" parody video. Jon, you'd better agree!)

Anyway, now we have a situation where the Mets have gotten good; maybe a little too good. They are going to win the NL East. No 2007-esque collapse is in sight. (The Nationals are the ones who choked away the division, not the Mets!)  Meanwhile, the Yankees have lost their hold on the AL East, and are, unless they go on a roll, destined to make the Wild Card. (It remains to be seen, though, who their opponent will be. although it looks like it will be Houston.) So Mets fans are starting to chirp in response to my squawking. The cacophony is alarming!

I really wanted to be at last night's game, but even standing room only tickets were over $50 each. So I sat down and watched the game at home. And Citi Field was rocking last night. Mike Vaccaro, the great New York Post columnist, calls Friday's game Opening Night for Citi Field, in that it was the first real game since opening in 2009 where the house was rocking the way Shea Stadium used to be. I agree.

Last night's game was good -- if you are a Mets fan. For a Yankee fan like me, we got treated to some truly boneheaded moves from Joe Girardi, from benching Brian McCann to not pinch-hitting for Brendan Ryan with A-Rod to Girardi's bullpen wackiness. He threw in the towel right from the beginning, and it was not fun to watch. Given that Tanaka was on the mound, Joe should have actually, you know, tried to win the game. He didn't. Oy.

I also am going to have to hear sass from the now-vocal Mets fans I know. Good grief. My friend Sully compares Mets fans these days to Robert De Niro in "Awakenings." Heh.

But at least we'll always have Luis Castillo to torture Mets fans with. "Dropped the ball! He dropped the ball! Here comes Teixeira. And the Yankees win! Oh, my goodness. He dropped the ball!"


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