Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Majestic Athletic

If you have been a Yankee fan or a Met fan for a while, chances are you have some cool clothing, hats and other gear in your closet. But you may be on the lookout for even more fun clothing. I was looking at Majestic Athletic’s website recently to see about getting a new Alex Rodriguez 

And I saw some other interesting Yankee-related items at the site. Here are some standouts:

Plenty of big and tall apparel

It is pretty uncomfortable – not to mention embarrassing – to wear a t-shirt or jersey or hoodie that is just too small or too short. I noticed that Majestic Athletic had a lot of clothing items designed for those of us who are bigger and /or taller than the typical Yankee fan. Looks like the sizes go up to size 60.

Jerseys and t-shirts for pretty much every player you can think of 

I remember a time when unless you wanted a jersey or shirt of the biggest stars on the team, you would be out of luck, like when you could only find a Don Mattingly baseball jersey or a Wade Boggs t-shirt instead of, say, a John Wetteland t-shirt or a Charlie Hayes jersey. Nowadays, you can find clothing, especially baseball jerseys, to support pretty much every Yankee you can think of, and Majestic Athletic offers all of it.

Think that Bird is the word? Get a Greg Bird shirt. Support Didi Gregorius? His jersey is available. Cult fan of Andrew Warren? Show your support here.

Of course, the big names are here as well. Mark Teixeira. CC Sabathia. Alex Rodriguez. Jacoby Ellsbury. Brian McCann. Even Joe Girardi!

Lots of women’s clothing items – and they aren’t just pink

It is good that baseball clothing manufacturers have finally started making items for women. But not everybody is a fan of wearing pink Yankee gear. Some of us want clothing that is tailored to our bodies, but is still in pinstripes or Yankee blue. Majestic Athletic has items for femaleYankee fans that look just as cool as what the big boys are wearing, but are sized to fit women. In addition, you can get personalized baseball jerseys and shirts.

In closing, I’m going to have to add Majestic Athletic to my shopping repertoire.

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