Tuesday, December 1, 2015

While the Yankees fiddle, the Bronx is boring. Or, why not signing David Price is a bad move for the Yankees.

So David Price is now a Boston Red Sox, with a seven-year, $217M contract. I think this is a great move for the Red Sox, because it 1) gets the team a true ace, and 2) keeps him away from the Yankees. Plus, Price is still just 30 years old. So while it's a crazy big amount of money, he will still only be 37 when the contract is over. Plus, the Sox don't have to give up a draft pick for him.

Dave Dombrowski is sure making his mark already! Because Hal Steinbrenner is shortsighted, the Yankees are surrendering their best advantage -- the ability to spend big bucks -- on such contracts.

I'm hearing all sorts of opinions in Yankeeland about the Price signing, the day after the Sox snapped up Chris Young. And a lot of the talk is, frankly, delusional. Like talk about how Price isn't very good. Really? He only went 9-1 down the stretch for the Toronto Blue Jays, helping them beat the Yankees. (And the pitcher who the Yanks could once beat up on was pretty dominant against them as a Blue Jay. getting two very dominant wins and one hard-luck loss.) Price was a huge factor in Toronto overcoming the Yankees' seven-run division lead and winning the AL East. He finished 2015 with a 18-5 record, with a league-leading 2.45 ERA and a 1.076 WHIP. There's a reason Price finished second in the AL Cy Young race, and in the top 10 for the AL MVP award.

Granted, his postseason numbers are putrid, but that's really the only flaw in his game. (And he could always end up better; look at how solidly Clayton Kershaw pitched this year in the postseason.)

At any rate, I don't know what the Yankees' plan is. As I said two years ago, if it's to rebuild, why did they sign Jacoby Ellsbury and Mashiro Tanaka? And why sign Andrew Miller? Why not trade all their tradeable assets now and do a real rebuild? No, they seem to want to partially rebuild, and partially compete. You know, it's kind of like the way they are handling Tanaka. He is not getting Tommy John surgery on his partially torn ligament. Which means he doesn't throw very hard anymore, and after all of a half-season as an ace, he's just a pretty good pitcher, for the same amount of money. It's all very, for lack of a better word, half-assed.


les millman said...

We need Chen and to trade away Nova and send CC to the pen

les millman said...

We need Chen and to trade away Nova and send CC to the pen

Ken Hans said...

We need Cashman the elf to get stranded on the building he repelling down and we need Hal to sell the team to the likes of Marc Cuban who spends money unlike Hal the coupon clipper

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