Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What were the Yankees thinking in these White House photos?

I loved, loved, loved watching the Yankees at the White House yesterday. It was such an honor to be feted by the president.  But that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun with a few of the photos from yesterday's event:

What does this photo mean? John Sterling looks vaguely irritated,  Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez look bemused, and Damaso Marte looks ebullient.

I'd like to think that President Obama is asking John Sterling what's up with his home run calls. "Something Sort of Grandish? Are you out of your flipping mind?" the Prez could be saying. And the rest of the crew could be enjoying the joke.

What's the deal with this picture? This photo seems like something out of "Law and Order." Girardi looks like the district attorney, announcing that some chronic miscreant has been hauled in for something or other. Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter look like assistant district attorneys, and Mark Teixeira looks like the cop called in to tell the story in court.

As for A-Rod? Well, maybe Girardi's announcing that they finally nabbed him... for breaking that unwritten rule against using the same plate twice at the salad bar!

What is Michael Kay (top left) looking all so pleased about? Did the president announce that he listened to his ESPN radio show or something? Or maybe Obama said that he, too, despised condiments!

What do you think? Tell us about it! 

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Uncle Mike said...

Picture 1: "'An a-bomb from A-Rod'? Uh, Mr. Sterling, Mr. Rodriguez, I think the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would like a word with you."

Picture 2: "We just came out of the White House, met with President Obama, who, as you know, is a White Sox fan. Being from Delaware and Scranton, Vice President Biden is a Phillies fan, but we told him that, by Phillies standards, winning back-to-back Pennants and one of those World Series is a big f(rea)king deal."

Picture 3: Either the President is thanking Kay for his public-service announcement about carbon monoxide detectors, or noting that Kay said on the air that there was no way that health care reform would pass, thus making "The Curse of Kay" kick in and making it pass, and saying, "Thank you." Or maybe Kay is making a reference to next year's White House ceremony for the World Series winners, telling Obama, "See ya!"

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