Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are Derek Jeter and the Yankees just not that into each other?

"He's just not that into you" was one of the most famous lines in the hit HBO show "Sex and the City." It was so well-known -- and had such resonance in explaining male behavior -- that it spawned a best-selling book and a hit movie. For our non-SATC readers, the idea behind the expression is that women make all sorts of excuses when guys aren't as interested as they'd like them to be, when it often really comes down to this little phrase, "He's just not that into you."

Anyhow, Squawker Jon and I were wondering yesterday what the heck Jeter and the Yankees could have been talking about for five straight hours Tuesday. Jon and I have known each other for a decade now, and we know each other's stories all too well. Heck, we've heard each other's jokes so many times that we've talked about assigning numbers to each joke, so we can save the time and trouble of retelling them, and just shout out, "47!" "23!"

So what the heck did the Yankee brass and Jeter talk about for five hours? Surely they know each other's points by now, after all this time. Does Jeter just shout out "5!" for his number of rings, and the Yankees respond with "205" for the number of millions they've already paid him?

Jeanne from New York, one of our longtime readers, was pondering the very same thing. She sent me an email with her thoughts about the situation:

As an adult female of a certain age, I have heard many times that “men don’t talk much”. The other day I read a factoid that said “On average, women say 7,000 words per day. Men say just over 2,000”. Don’t know if that has been proven scientifically, but for a moment let’s say that’s it’s true.

What on earth then could the “baffled” Jeter camp and Yankee management talk about for five hours? Were Jeter and his agent doing all the talking (think of Fidel Castro and his famous speeches via radio that reportedly went on for hours)?

The man has been with this organization for literally half his life, what is it about him they don’t know? That he's afraid of clowns? He doesn’t like to eat green peas? He has dreams of being a concert pianist? He’s got some serious issues with the Yankee third baseman (ah, we’re getting to something now, aren’t we, Dr. Phil….).

Seriously, if after five hours (there had to be a lunch AND a nap in there somewhere) Derek is still banging his sneaker on the table (ala Nikita Khrushchev at the UN in the 60’s)  saying this contract offer is a travesty, about how he wants respect because he’s a Yankee icon, face of the franchise, HOF’er etc. etc., it’s a wrap.

The Steinbrenner boys need to walk away call Eduardo Nunez and tell him to be ready to be the shortstop next spring.

At this point as an employer why would they want him back? Who wants a disgruntled player on their team? It is clear that he’s not happy with what they are offering to pay him for his services. Add to that having to play every day next to Alex renders that stuff about “this is a dream come true” and the Yankees being the “only team I ever wanted to play for” meaningless.

If those feelings were true and sincere, a deal would have been signed or announced after this five-hour meeting.

Instead we get the news report stating that there is at least  a $40M “gap”.

Lisa, that’s not a gap, that’s a chasm.

As Yogi, says it's “getting late early”. Sometimes a change of scenery is good for all parties involved.

I’m predicting there will be a divorce announced sometime before Christmas if not sooner (Hank's comments not withstanding).

From the comments I’ve heard from Yankee fans I know (shoot, I heard some guys saying three years is “too much” and they would have done two years only (LOL!), we’ll be fine, the media (especially in NY) will not be. Oh well……

Good points, Jeanne. I have to say I cracked up at the idea of Jeter banging his sneaker (Nike, I'm sure!) on the tabletop!

We're hearing rumors today that the Yanks slightly upped their offer, and Jeter slightly lowered their offer. I have to say that the longer this goes on, the less chances I think it has of happening. Like I noted earlier today, when the Yankees re-signed A-Rod, it took a very short time to get the deal done. Heck, all re-signing David Wells took was one Christmas Eve lunch at Shorty's. What's the holdup here with Jeter and the Yankees?

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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Uncle Mike said...

Comparing Derek Jeter to Nikita Khrushchev? I realize his hairline has receded a little...

In case everyone has forgotten, Jeter is trying to be a capitalist, something Khrushchev tended to frown on.

So what's the deal, Hank and Hal? Capitalism is okay for yourselves but not for others? What are you, a bunch of half-Commies?

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