Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Francisco Cervelli Claps His Hands, And John Lackey Is Not Pleased

I'm very busy this week, so this will have to be a quick Squawk. (And yes, Squawker Jon and I are fine after Hurricane Irene hit the area, and we hope all of our readers are doing well.) Aside from seeing CC Sabathia finally beat the Red Sox this year, I loved seeing him all fired up when Francisco Cervelli got plunked last night by John Lackey. Great passion!

And I had to laugh about Boston's selective outrage over Cervelli clapping his hands with glee after hitting a homer. How many times over the years have we Yankee fans witnessed David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez showboating after hitting homers? Both of them would be great on Broadway with their song and dance routines. Not to mention Jonathan Papelbon literally dancing on the mound after a big save. But all that is apparently fine and dandy with Red Sox Nation.

Yet Francisco Cervelli shows the least bit of emotion, and the benches clear over it. Can't we just say that it's Frankie Being Frankie, and leave it at that? Good grief.

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Fred Garvin said...

My first reaction was that Cervelli should "act like he's been there before" but he's only got 3 HRs in nearly 500 ABs so that would take real acting skills. And justifying Cervelli's behavior with how Manny behaved 5+ years ago? If the Yankees didn't like the way Manny (or Ortiz) behaved, then they should have dealt with it back when George W. was president. Cervelli was overly animated all night so he had it coming. Cervelli should be greatful that it was Lackey on the mound and not Beckett.

Unknown said...

Lackey should have sucked it up and taken it like a man.

When you've been pitching to an ERA around 6 and a FIP around 5 all season, you should probably be more concerned with getting a hitter like Cervelli out rather than plunking him after he took you clean out of the stadium.

John Lackey is the weakest of weaksauce.

Uncle Mike said...

The Red Sox hit a batter on purpose, obvious to any objective person, and that run scored. Turning a 2-run lead (as John Sterling would say, "just a bloop and a blast") into a 3-run lead. Which can be very big in that little green pinball machine in the Back Bay.

I'm fine with the Red Sox being jackasses, as long as they end up paying for it in the end. If the umpires and the MLB office won't make them pay for it, the Yankee bats should. And we did.

No, Fred, Lackey should be glad he wasn't hitting Billy Martin in 1953. If he survived Billy, he'd have to come to bat against Allie Reynolds or Vic Raschi. Lackey used to be a good pitcher. Now he's just another whiny little Boston punk and he deserves to be treated accordingly.

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