Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thoughts on Yankees-Red Sox, Jorge Posada, and Phil Hughes

Here are my belated thoughts on Sunday's game (didn't have time to write on Monday!):

Jorge Posada is no longer an everyday player, and it was long past time to do so. I've heard some grumbling from fans that the Yankees somehow disrepected him, but I completely disagree. (For one thing, I wish somebody would disrespect me by paying me $12 million a year!) And quite frankly, I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for Posada after his sit-down strike. Posada has had a great career, and been a beloved Yankee, but that snit fit was ridiculous.

Some fans think that he shouldn't have even been replaced as catcher, which I don't understand at all. Did they watch how Posada couldn't throw anybody out last year? Not to mention that the Yanks were worried he was going to have another concussion. Besides, he's nearly 40 -- how many catchers are successful at that age? Carlton Fisk, but that's about it.

Posada has had all year to get adjusted to being a designated hitter. He couldn't do it. That's baseball. And that's getting older. Putting a DH in the lineup every day who hits .230, and who hasn't shown power recently, isn't putting the best team on the field. So don't be surprised if Jesus Montero gets called up soon.

At any rate, if Posada weren't Posada, he would have been released from the team. The Yanks are showing him respect by keeping him on the team at all. Guess what? Players gets their chance to start in the majors because somebody thinks they will be better than their predecessor. If the Yankees had been sentimental about Joe Girardi's triple to win the 1996 World Series, Posada would never have gotten to start.

* * *

Hearing the ESPN broadcasters go on and on about how wonderful the Red Sox are was thoroughly nauseating. Please, don't tell me that if I don't like Dustin Pedroia, I don't like baseball. It's insulting. Not to mention that the Sox got to have Curt Schilling representing them, while there was no pro-Yankee equivalent in the booth.

The only thing I agreed with regarding the broadcasters was Bobby Valentine talking about how the pitchers needed to speed things up. Enough already -- these Yankees-Red Sox games go on way too long.

Who didn't think that after Mariano Rivera blew the save, and Phil Hughes was coming in, that the Yankees were going to lose the game? I felt like the game was over right them. Sorry, I don't have much faith in Hughes this year. (And I still think Ivan Nova should have gotten to keep his spot in the rotation.)

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

That Sunday night game showed, beyond any doubt, that the Yankees HAVE to find Mariano's replacement while he's still here, so that when he does lose it for more than a game at a time, the replacement is ready to step in.

I still don't know who it will be (it's much more likely to be Robertson than Soriano), but the Jets never found a replacement for Curtis Martin (an aging LaDanian Tomlinson wasn't it), the Devils still haven't found a replacement for Scott Stevens, the Rangers still haven't found a replacement for Brian Leetch, and the Knicks have never found a replacement for Willis Reed (and Patrick Ewing sure wasn't it).

Fortunately, with Russell Martin, the Yankees definitely found a replacement for Jorge Posada -- and just in time, apparently. Give him a Jorge Posada Day on next year's Old-Timers' Day (can't do it in this year's regular-season finale, that's against the Red Scum), and let him throw out the first ball in Game 3 of the World Series this year (can't be Game 1 because the AL rolled over for the inferior league at the "all-star" game).

The Omnipotent Q said...

I agree with you about the Dustin Pedroia comment. Another reason why I don't watch these nationally TV games. I've heard the same crap said about Jeter: "If you'd like or appreciate him, you don't like baseball." Morons.

Anonymous said...

"...let him throw out the first ball in Game 3 of the World Series this year..."?? Seriously? What are you smoking? The Yankers will be damn lucky just to make it to the playoffs! Channeling Jim Mora: "...playoffs? are you kidding me? playoffs? I just hope we can buy a few more games..."!!!


Uncle Mike said...

The Yanks lead the Wild Card race by 7, moron. And trail in the Division by 1. Is YOUR team that close?

Oh, that's right, you're too much of a coward to pick a team and stick with them.

Fred Garvin said...

"the Yankees HAVE to find Mariano's replacement"

I suspect the Yankees will throw stupid money at Papelbon because the Sox will not. You don't like him but he'll be in pinstripes next year because that's who'll be offering the most money.

"let [Posada] throw out the first ball in Game 3 of the World Series this year". Why would Posada want to throw out the first pitch in Game 3 between the Philly's and the Red Sox?

Anonymous said...

"...The Yanks lead the Wild Card race by 7...". Yeah, today. Tomorrow, they could very well be trailing the Wild Card by 7, especially if twinkle-toes Rivera keeps coughing up games at the pace he's on now.

I suspect that neither the Phillies nor the Red Sox would even extend an invitation to Posada to throw out the first pitch in this year's WS, so I guess that won't be happening. The only thing Posada will be throwing in October is another hissy fit!

And FYI Mikey, I am a lifelong Mets fan who is also a fan of the Red Sox (NL: Mets, AL: Red Sox). My loyalties have never changed - deal with it.

Uncle Mike said...

Lifelong fan of the Mets and the Red Sox. You must have Henry Heimlich on speed-dial. If, that is, you can find somebody to work speed-dial for you.

Let me guess, you also root for the Dallas Cowboys.

Anonymous said...

No actually I like the Seahawks, and any team that beats Pittsburgh - I hate the Squealers.

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