Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Giants got a ring; Patriots got Gisele and Gronkowski making fools of themselves

So, I was very happy to see the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. And what's happened since then has been even more delicious.

First of, there was Gisele Bundchen having a hissy fit because Giant fans were mocking her husband, Tom Brady, saying that Eli Manning owns him. So a woman who is used to cameras following her every move 24/7 thought it was a great idea to say to her companions that it was his teammates' fault, not him. She said, “You [have] to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot [bleeping] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.” She later told Brady, "You played the best game of your life ... you were amazing,” showing that she is as ignorant on sports as she is classless.

Gisele has a history of saying dumb things -- she once said that there should be a law requiring all women to breastfeed, and also described women who gain a lot of weight during pregnancy as "garbage disposals" -- but this takes the cake.  She is another woman with Megan Fox Syndrome, who thinks that because she won the looks lottery, she is also naturally really, really smart. But she's not. Why would a Giant fan yelling about Eli make her throw Patriots players like Wes Welker under the bus? It does not compute.

Somebody asked online whether Brady would say anything to her. Come on now. He wore that dopey Justin Bieber hairstyle last year that she liked, even though it looked so bad on him, even Bieber himself mocked Brady for it. The chances he will chastise Gisele about this are pretty slim.

* * *

Then there is the disaster that was the Patriots' would-be victory party after the loss. Robert Kraft went all-out, having LMFAO, Earth, Wind and Fire, Maroon 5 and DJ Pauly D as entertainment, and inviting Donnie Wahlberg and Steven Tyler as VIPs. Um, did it ever occur to the powers that be that this wouldn't be much of a party if the Patriots lost? This ranks up there with count-your-chickens-before-they're-hatched moves with that 19-0 book ready to go after Super Bowl XLII. To put the Patriots' extravagance in perspective, the Giants had what sounds like a relatively low-key party in a hotel ballroom that only featured a cover band. And they won the game!

While a lot of the big-name Patriots names, including Brady, Bill Belichick, Deion Branch, and Vince Wilfork skipped the soiree, Rob Gronkowski didn't. He, who had a "high ankle strain" that may have contributed to the Patriots losing, danced up a storm and took his shirt off at the party, while bopping around to LMFAO. (And what's up with him taking his top off, anyway? It's not Jersey Shore, after all, even if Pauly was in the house!) Looks like he made a miraculous recovery from that bad ankle, huh?

As Boston blogger Obnoxious Boston Fan put it, he "can only imagine what [Gronk] would have done if they had won." Good question. Sorry, but if athletes want fans to care about their teams, they have to act like they care a bit about what happens, too. Is it really too much to think that dancing around on stage a few hours after your team lost in the Super Bowl isn't quite the best idea ever? Especially when you are supposed to be rehabbing your bad ankle?

I've heard people say that this is a job for the players, so just like in the real world, they're letting off steam. Nonsense. Tell me how it would go over in your workplace if you were seen celebrating without a care in the world right after you helped lose a big account. Heck, Casey Anthony's defense attorneys got (deserved) grief for celebrating after they *won* the case.

I have no problem if Gronkowski et al were drowning their sorrows after the game. The dancing, not so much. But really, the Patriots should have shown some sense in the first place and not arranged such a big party. What is it with New England athletes and inappropriate partying? Between this, and the fried chicken and beer contingent on the Red Sox, all too many of them act like clowns. (Shocking, I know.)

In closing, I will give a little credit to Tom Brady, my least favorite Patriot. At least he actually had the good sense to seem more than a little upset after the loss. As much as I despise him, I can at least respect that. That's more than I can say for Gronkowski.

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