Sunday, February 5, 2012

Please, Giants! Smash Tom Brady, Bill Belicheat, and the Patriots for Good!

I can't claim to be a real Giants fanatic -- I am basically a free agent football fan -- but I am rooting for them to destroy the Patriots today, like I rooted for Big Blue in Super Bowl XLII. As longtime Squawkers readers know, I can't stand Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots. Chad Ochocinco, somebody I used to root for, became dead to me because he joined their team. The Giants have to win, with their ELIte quarterback. Because I cannot deal with hearing about Brady's four rings and all that. I want to hear that the curse of Gisele remains in effect.

It's very exciting in New York today -- my deli even had blue bagels in honor of Big Blue! People are buzzing about the game. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, Eli Manning was getting ripped to shreds for calling himself an elite quarterback, and Tom Coughlin looked like he could be forced out. Now they're 60 minutes away from a possible fourth Super Bowl for the franchise.

Squawker Jon is all about the curtains in his piece on the game. The thing with the Jets doing the curtains tweak reminded me a little of when the Yanks thought it was a great idea to bring in Bucky Dent to throw out the first pitch in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. And how did that work out? Not so well.

Speaking of which, my Red Sox fan friend/longtime Squawker reader Joe had this to say about the media hype:
it was bothering me what the lead up for this game was reminding me of and i couldnt recall - the total piling on of one team, the anointing of one team as totally superior, the massive sense of unfounded entitlement of one team's players and fan base, the utter lack of respect for the opponent when colin cowherd nailed it and it crystallized for me today...this game reminds me of usc vs texas when vince young had his coming out party....admit it.

Yikes!  Funny thing is, I had a similar comparison before Super Bowl XLII, predicting that the Giants would win!

But I do not think the hype is as one-sided as my Patriots fan friend has been saying. I've been hearing a lot of the usual "Brady is a god! Belichick is a genius" nonsense this week, too.

I'm a little nervous, waiting for the game to begin. Please, Giants, New York is counting on you to destroy those beaneaters!

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Uncle Mike said...

Mission Accomplished. It wasn't quite a "smash" (and no, that's not a plug for NBC's new show tonight, as much as I like Debra Messing), but it was most definitely for good.

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