Friday, June 22, 2012

Subway Squawkers will be clucking at the Subway Series

So Squawker Jon and I will be at Friday and Sunday's Subway Series games. Sunday, in particular, looks to be shaping up as a great matchup, what with R.A. Dickey facing CC Sabathia. And just in time for the Subway Series, a Met has said something dopey and ridiculous.

I am not talking about closer Frank Francisco telling the New York Post that "I can’t wait to face those chickens," and that "I want to strike out the side against them. I’ve done it before." That is terrific, because it led to a front-page New York Post "Cluck You" cover, as well as the above graphic on the Post's web site. Besides, good-natured trash talk adds to the excitement over the series.

No, the Met comment I thought was very strange was Ike Davis telling the Post this:
“We’d like to get a win playing [the Yankees],” Ike Davis said.
Just a win would be fine?
“Anything — beat them one time,” Davis said. “I don’t like not beating a team in a season, so it’s our chance to get a ‘W’ off them.”
C'mon, Ike. One win out of three? That's all you're hoping for? Where's the bravado of Francisco? Come to think of it, Davis sounds like a Met fan -- or Eeyore! Squawker Jon, what say you? Care to make any predictions?

Speaking of predictions, I am fearlessly predicting that my Mets-jinxing powers will lead the Yankees to wins on Friday and Sunday, the games I will be at. Of course, this prediction conflicts with my prediction to Squawker Jon that R.A. Dickey will pitch a no-hitter soon. (I see it as being like the four-minute mile -- once Johan Santana showed it could actually be done, now more Mets will do it. Combine that with Dickey's dream season, and it's inevitable.) Now watch -- Dickey will do his no-hitter against the Yanks or something!

What are your predictions? Tell us about it!

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