Wednesday, July 2, 2014

$500M for a .500 record: The 2014 New York Yankees are not a good team

I haven't written much in this blog as of late, between having a lot going on in both my work life and in my personal life, and also recently having the summer cold that won't go away! But I feel compelled to say something about the state of the Yankees, after last night's debacle. Now, after roughly half the season is over, the $500 million Yankees have a .500 record. And they have lost four in a row, and eight of their last ten games. Good grief.

Granted, the AL East is filled with underachieving teams this year, so the Yankees are only 3.5 games out of first place. But shockingly, having an old team, with no Robinson Cano in the batting lineup, does not translate into success for the Yanks. Incidentally, Cano's Seattle Mariners are now 46-38, a record that would put them on top of the AL East. Oh, and Robbie is hitting .323, tied for third in the league. His .819 OPS is better than any Yankee player this year, and he has 48 RBI, more than any Yankee does. Still think the "Bombers" don't need him, Yankee fans?

And why is that there is talk that Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins will lose their jobs with the Mets, even though they not been given any real financial resources to work with, but nobody in Yankeeland ever loses their jobs -- or even faces columns in the media saying why it's time to pack their bags? No, Hal Steinbrenner is so afraid that somebody might compare him to his father that everybody gets to keep their jobs forever. And the so-called "tough" NYC media members are too dependent on access to Brian Cashman to ever suggest that maybe it's time for new blood in the GM office. (This is another reason I haven't written much lately -- how many times can I write that Cashman, Randy Levine et al need to go, and that Hal needs to either be a real leader or sell the team, before I become a Swanny one-note?)

Anyhow, the future looks bleak for the Yankees. I would like to see the team call up rookie second baseman Rob Refsnyder, but we'll probably be stuck with Brian Roberts in the role for the rest of the year. After all, Refsnyder is just 23 -- about a decade and a half too young to contend for this team!

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