Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey Ya! David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez Test Positive for Steroids!

Time to do the Snoopy Dance! I will have more to say shortly about the big news that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez reportedly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. I'm writing a piece up right now. But in the meantime, let me just do the Snoopy Dance and enjoy the news!


nutballgazette said...

I really am not happy to see Ortiz on the list. I was hoping he was clean, I did comment on your facebook page and I will repeat it on your post hear when you get it posted

Paul from Boston said...

Enjoy your dance - really this shouldn't be shocking. I said during all the A-Rod static that nobody would surprise me, but it would disappoint me if Ortiz ended up on the list. So, I'm disappointed.

Part of me says just release the darn list and get past it - but most of me stands by my earlier feeling that these people took these tests under a condition that the results would not be released. I didn't think A-Rod should have been leaked, and it stinks for Sosa, Ortiz, and Ramirez too, but 4 wrongs don't make a right.

Cheers from Boston.

nutballgazette said...

Paul. My question is, This test was done to see how many players were using, Why was there ever a name attached to the tests, If I am a player I am going after my Union for not protecting the lists and If I am a clean player I am going after the union for not agreeing to testing a long time ago

JGards said...

Not sure why you are happy that players used steroids. Only you fans from the northeast would get excited that someone tested positive for PEDs.

Anonymous said...

So can we finally stuff the holier-than-thou Red Sox BS in a sack for good now?

Uncle Mike said...

Let me say two words. Two words that should be familiar to every Yankee Fan:


I'll wait until Lisa does her full-gloat piece before I do mine, but...

Well, "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz was a San Francisco Giants fan, so I have no problem invoking the Cubs fans from "Perfect Strangers":

Cousin Larry, now, we so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!

(Clearly, Balki and Larry never did the Dance of Joy in October.)


Anonymous said...

I've always liked Ortiz and Ramirez, so I'm sad for them personally. However, as a Yankee fan, I find it hilarious. If I had a dime for every time I heard from Boston fans that there is no proof Ortiz is using roids, I'd be rich.

Also, as I'm at work, I'm reading on various messageboards that ESPN is spinning the report, particularly Gammons. Is this accurate?

nutballgazette said...

I am not sure If Gammons is spinning this. He seems to be reluctantly saying the Sox wins are tainted in some peoples eyes.

Bklynfan said...

As a baseball fan, I have to say it is always disappointing to hear of someone using PEDs. I'm sorry to say that there will probably be a lot more names leaked out before this whole thing is over. As far as I'm concerned, no team is safe.

Although I was not surprised in the least to hear about Papi and Ramirez, I WAS surprised at how many people WERE suprised!! I went on a few Boston blogs and a lot of the Boston fans said they wouldn't believe it because it was a NY paper that broke the story, it doesn't matter, because the Yankees still have/had more users than they do, etc., etc., etc. I just think its funny that they ripped A-Rod a new one after he confessed, and now that their players are named, it's a different story.

I am not a fan of booing players or calling them names, but I have to say, there is one itsy bitsy part of me that would like to see Big Papi get some of what A-Rod got AND is still getting.

Go Yanks

nutballgazette said...

Saying all of this. It is apparent that Ortiz and his success is directly because of steroid use.
he was washed up in Minnesota then he became a Superstar.

The Emperor said...

Maybe now all you Yankee haters will shut the f*** up. I mentioned repeatedly that steroids were rampant on every team in baseball, but the reason why the Yankees had most of the focus is because they are historically the most successful team and everyone loves to hate them.

I got ridiculed for saying that.

Now what do you have to say?

nutballgazette said...

Ortiz just homerd to give the Sox the lead and cheer him like a hero

Just like Yankee fans would treat a-Rod if the same thing happened

Paul from Boston said...

Nutball - I agree with you. There should not have ever been a need. hey, here's a cup, thanks for playing. We have x cups and x positive results. Could have been just as impactful without any of this nonsense.

Jason - folks are happy about being able to say "Ha!". Ortiz and Ramirez played nemesis and beloved ARod was unfairly singled out, blah blah blah. Now comes a certain redemption. I get it. I don't think its a Northeast thing - replace ARod and Ortiz with a high profile Cub and Cardinal and I'm sure the results would be similar.

Are the Sox a FRAWD? (I guess that's how it sounds with a NJ accent?) Are their wins tainted? Think what you want, but show me absolute proof that any winner in the past decade-plus was 100% clean. My guess is not.

Bklynfan - what has ARod got and still getting? Seems the worst booing he ever got was from NY fans and that wasn't about steroids. Its not like he's been getting Barry Bonds style treatment.

At least this blog is alive again!

Have a good afternoon everyone...Cheers!

Bklynfan said...

Paul from Boston:

I was referring to the steroid chant that he most definitely gets when he is in Boston and other places as well.

Have a good one

Lisa Swan said...

Heck, I can't fingerpoint at Sox fans for cheering - I showed up for A-Rod's first home game this year to cheer him on.

I just can't stand the hypocrisy and the double standard among Sox fans. Don't chant about A-Rod using steroids when your team has Ortiz and had Manny on it.

Bklynfan said...

I agree 100% Lisa!!

nutballgazette said...

Just saw this on Andrew Fletchers twitter (fletch788)
(Scott Proctors Arm)

New Nickname for Ortiz


The Emperor said...

"I just can't stand the hypocrisy and the double standard among Sox fans. Don't chant about A-Rod using steroids when your team has Ortiz and had Manny on it."

That's what I'm saying!!

Same goes for fans of other teams as well. Now that we're all in the same boat, everyone can hopefully just move on now.

Paul from Boston said...

Bklynfan - gotcha - and I suppose this may put an end to that then! :) Of course - its ARod, they'll just chant something else I'm sure. Is he really getting it elsewhere? I really thought he had kind of gracefully shook this off.

Emp - not sure if I explicitly said it then, but I certainly agreed with you - you were right then and continue to be right. This crap is all over the place.

Lisa - do you think Yankees fans will chant anything about steroids at Ortiz next week?

Lisa Swan said...

I dunno what Yankee fans will chant at Ortiz. I imagine he'll get his usual boos.

Bklynfan said...

Paul from Boston -- You're right about A-Rod - if it's not about steroids, it will be something else and yes, he does hear it from other places besides Boston! I think he shrugs it off quite nicely, hopefully Big Papi will as well.

Lisa: I think you're right about the booing for Papi but I also think he may hear some steroid chants as well.

Anonymous said...

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