Sunday, July 5, 2015

My thoughts on the state of the Yankees, the A-rod milestone deals, and other assorted shenanigans

Looks like I missed two of the best Yankee games this year, in Friday's and Saturday's epic walkoff wins, the first two walkoff wins of 2015 for the Bombers! Back in 2009, I was at the first "pie game' that May, and the Yanks seemed to start to have an aura again about them. That aura translated into ring #27.

I am still not sold on this current team being a World Series winner, even though they are in first place and playing much better than I expected them to. Of course, as ESPN notes, 44 wins in the first half only works out to 88 wins in the second half. So unless the league-wide mediocrity continues (the Yanks actually have the third-best record in the AL, believe it or not) they need to pick it up in the second half.

It is hilarious to me that one of the main reasons they are contending at all is because of Alex Rodriguez, the very player they wished would just go away. You know Brian Cashman is gritting his teeth every day!

It also is hilarious that the Yankees, as per orders from Hal Steinbrenner, negotiated with Zack Hample to give a $150,000 donation to the Pitch In for Baseball in order to get A-Rod his 3,000 hit ball back. And Alex even was such a good sport in the presser with Hample, who is even more of a self-promoter than I am! Hample apologized for saying some jerky things about Rodriguez, and Alex said he forgave him for it, and added: "I have a Phd in saying dumb things over the years." Me too, A-Rod!

As for the 660-homer milestone dispute, I think the Yankees got off easy. $3.5 million to charity -- an amount that is tax deductible -- plus they don't have to pay the luxury tax? IMHO, they should have paid the whole $6 million to A-Rod, or at least to charity. The organization looks a little chintzy here.

* * *

Me bandaged up after the race.
I have had a busy weekend, and will miss today's game as well. Yesterday, I ran the Arielle Newman Run, a five-mile Staten Island race which was a very eventful one. Just after the race started, I tripped over a stroller and banged up both knees and my right elbow. My mind is a blur as to how it happened but I was very shaken up by it. 

But I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and ran the five miles, bloody knees and all. The first mile or so, I was thinking about the pain in my knees, but I just kept on going. And I even ended up with a personal record for not just that race, but for a five-mile race. I looked like a hot mess, though -- I even had a bloody sock!

Afterwards, I got bandaged up (there were some EMTs stationed at the race who helped me) and I got my picture taken. 

I was in a bit of pain last night -- every time I moved my knees when trying to sleep, I ended up waking myself up. But I'll live. 

Today, I have a lot going on. I am going to see "On the Town" on Broadway, and then I have the Grateful Dead simulcast in Times Square. I don't expect to get much sleep tonight!

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