Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yikes! Dustin Pedroia gets MVP

How do I feel about Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia succeeding Alex Rodriguez as this year's AL MVP? Let me tell you a story.

Earlier this year, somebody I know - let's call him "AB" - kept on running his mouth about how the Yankees were not going to make the playoffs. Even in the spring, he insisted that they looked terrible, and that this would not be a good year for them. Mind you, this person wasn't a Yankee-hater by any means - he just thought that this team wasn't very good.

Meanwhile, I was so sure back then that the great Joe Girardi would lead the Yanks to their 27th World Championship, that I was willing to make a bet on it. So I told AB to put his money where his mouth was, so to speak, and do his prediction in writing.

Which he did. On the back of the March 24 sheet in the 2008 Bad Cat Page-a-Day Calendar. Here's what he scribbled:

"The Yankees will not make the playoffs in 2008. - AB"

Incidentally, the picture on the front of the calendar for that date is of a very peeved-looking cat named Yogi wearing a White Sox cap. Wonder if that cat lost a bet, too, the way I did.

Fortunately, although AB and I had talked at the time about betting money or a dinner, we never ended up wagering anything of value, other than pride. And I didn't even have to wear anything embarrassing over it. (Speaking of which, Squawker Jon and I bet eight years ago that he would have to wear Yankee gear for a day if the Mets lost the Subway Series. I'm still waiting for him to do it.)

So yeah, the bet didn't cost me anything but pride. But the pride thing was enough. I hate being wrong. And I hate that AB was right. And I hate that I have it all in writing.

Kind of like how I hate that the annoying Dustin Pedroia, last year's Rookie of the Year, is now MVP. And that his also-annoying teammate Kevin Youkilis finished third. And that both of these very good, albeit obnoxious players, are Boston's homegrown products.

True, all this doesn't cost me anything, but still. Knowing that Red Sox Nation has something to cheer about is enough to tick me off!

But what do you think about the Pedroia choice? Leave us a comment.


Uncle Mike said...

Lisa, the last three times a Yankee won the MVP -- Alex Rodriguez in 2005 and 2007 and Don Mattingly in 1985 -- they didn't reach the ALCS. The last four times -- throw in Thurman Munson in 1976 -- they failed to win the World Series. The MVP is nice, but not required.

Besides, everyone knows that the MVP should be someone from a Playoff team, but it's better if it's someone from the Pennant-winning team. Who on the Devil Rays was worthier? Nobody that I could see. (Hopefully, Jolly Geno hasn't discovered this new version of the blog yet.)

Let the Sox have this MVP. We'll still be 19 rings ahead. That, not the MVP, is the big deal.

And if that sounds to Yankee Haters like typical Yankee Fan arrogance... I don't care. How's THAT for arrogance?

Anonymous said...

If Pedroia played for the Yankees, we'd love him. Fact is, if Carlos Quentin hadn't hurt himself, he'd have run away with the trophy. Morneau merited the award probably more than Pedroia, but the media now loves the Sox. -PatrickNY

NAM said...

Does anyone remember what was going on in August in Boston? Manny mania? Pedroia stepped up to the plate, literally and figuratively and helped keep the Sox competitive during a really difficult time. A team leader in his second year.

NAM said...

Lisa, I was panicked for a little while. I had not logged onto the NYDN for a while and could not find you! I was having withdrawals! Congratulations on your new site. I will check in regularly. And hi everyone. God I miss baseball.

Anonymous said...

Alright, alright, so Pedroia stepped up ;-)

I still think Quentin runs away with it absent a self-induced wrist debacle, and Morneau kept the Twins alive through a one-game playoff.

But I can't be mad at Pedroia for two reasons: I am 5'9", and I too am follically challenged. In fact, he should be my hero :-) -PatrickNY

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Pedroia on winning the MVP.

I agree with Mike, though, in that while an MVP is nice, a WS ring is the very best hardware a player and a team can obtain.

All I care about is the Yankees winning another championship, and if we can get CC and Burnett, I think our chances will have increased exponentially.

NAM, I miss baseball, too. Like crazy, I do. Winters are always so much longer when you long for that first Spring Training game, huh?

NAM said...

Emp, I know and I live in Sarasota, Florida so we get really excited around here. Sarasota was courting the RS to move spring training facilities from Fort Myers to Sarasota, but it officially fell through recently. Oh well. Now they are looking at Baltimore. Get through the holidays and spring training is in the air. Does anyone know why subway squawkers is out of the NYDN's blog? Lisa and Jon probably can't say due to contract reasons.

Anonymous said...

NAM, I'm guessing that Lisa and Jon gave Mike Lupica a beatin' and therefore got kicked out of the blogosphere on NYDN because of it! LOL!

NAM said...

Not everyone is as tough as Mike and Lisa. But I like this new site. I hope everyone finds it come baseball season.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mike said... "Let the Sox have this MVP. We'll still be 19 rings ahead. That, not the MVP, is the big deal. And if that sounds to Yankee Haters like typical Yankee Fan arrogance... I don't care. How's THAT for arrogance?"

It's not arrogant, but it is lame.

I'm a Celtics fan and have been for years. Last year -- prior to the Celtics winining # 17 -- if I had gone around bragging about the Celtics winning more championships than any other team, I would have been laughed at, and deservedly so given that the first game I ever saw was in the late 70s. Plenty of Celtics fans "talk smack" about 17 championships but it's lame since most of those doing the talking have no memory of the Russell years. The same goes for those Yankees fans that talk about "26". Of course if you were there for title #1 back in 1923, then brag away -- you've earned that right! All that matters is what your team has done for you lately.

Fred Garvin

Anonymous said...

Just a note. The last time a MVP was on a World Series winner in the AL was Willie Hernandez of the 84 Tigers
and last time in the NL was Kirk Gibson of those 88 Dodgers. So having the MVP really means nothing.

larnov said...

You choose The Titans over the Jets?
Well being a Yank fan I would think of you being a Giant Fan
Were you a Houston Oiler fan before they moved?

CTBill said...

Nice seeing familiar names again!!

mcgreevey1903 said...

Geez, Lisa, you're just annoyed because Cano is the anti-Pedroia!

LMT said...

Lisa, how could you possibly say that Pedroia is annoying? He is such a hard worker and he deserves this award as much as any other player in MLB. I am guessing that the Yankees would trade their current second baseman in a hearbeat for Pedroia. And what does the fact that he succeeded Alex Rodriguez have to do with anything? Fact is, Pedroia had a better season and he deserves this award.

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