Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Biggest Yankee story of the year, and I won't get to see it live

I have a real-life obligation this afternoon tied to one of those pesky paycheck things, so I will be unable to see the Alex Rodriguez press conference live. Can you believe that? It looks like a cast of thousands will be there, but I will miss it all as it happens. Bummer.

However, while I won't get to squawk about it live, Squawker Jon will. And he will be doing just that with 'Duk, David Brown and others in Yahoo Sports' Big League Stew live blog today of the presser. Check out their comments starting at 1:15 p.m. today at the Big League Stew site. Click here to read it. Thanks to Kevin Kaduk for this very cool opportunity.

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Rob Abruzzese said...

I'm sure that ESPN will replay highlights until you eyes turn to liquid and it runs down your face.

Anonymous said...

Way too much attention being paid by the media to this. Just what A-rod likes--attention. We all know he is a liar and a cheat but if he can win games for the Yankees on the field all will be forgiven. What a great society we live in, if the ends justify the means that all that seems to matter. Not just baseball, politics, business, and personal life thats all that seems to matter the ending, not how low we sank to get there. Great way to teach our children.

Uncle Mike said...

What gets me is that around 2023 or so -- if he plays out the full 9 years left on his contract and then retires, that'll be when he's eligible for the Hall of Fame -- there could be the dedication of a Monument Park plaque for A-Roid at the George M. Steinbrenner Memorial Coliseum... while somewhere, 72-year-old Dave Winfield wonders, hey, I'm in the Hall of Fame and I won a Pennant with the Yankees, how come I still haven't gotten one?

He knew they weren't Tic Tacs... Nice going, dummy, now when we go to Fenway Park, every Red Sox fan will bring a box of Tic Tacs and hold them up and shake them when you come up to bat. As if these fine, upstanding examples of baseball-fan citizenry needed any help with their imaginations!

Here's what he should have said: "I did it. I was wrong. I let down the organization, my teammates, and the Yankee fans. I'm sorry. If you want details, it's on this printed statement. Thank you." Truthful, simple, to the point, and just 15 seconds long.

Of course, that would be very un-A-Rodian, wouldn't it?

BettorFan said...

@Uncle Mike - I'm not defending Arod, but no matter what he said everyone would still hate him. If he said your short message, you would say "he's so lazy he messed up baseball and this is all he can say?" He called the conference, he said what he had to, and he answered questions. There's nothing really he could say to make everyone go "Ohhh I feel so bad for you Arod."

Anonymous said...

i don't think the goal for fans is to feel sorry for afraud. although he appears to want fans to feel that way. how about just a genuine apology? without the lies and b.s.? like grandpa said keep it simple. i did it, i'm sorry, play ball!

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