Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It was A-Mistake for A-Rod to bring up A-Cousin

Forgive me for being young and stupid, or acting like it's amateur hour, but I have a few observations on the Alex Rodriguez press conference. So let me get out some Tic Tacs and start squawking:
  • When A-Rod said at the beginning of the presser that he was a little nervous, he did that whole puffing up his cheeks and pursing his lips thing he does during stressful at-bats.
  • And when Alex read - or should I say droned - his written statement, I was thinking of Cheech and Chong's "Sister Mary Elephant" comedy routine, when Chong reads his summer vacation report in a monotone. Come to think of it, maybe Alex should have read something about what he did on his summer vacation instead.
  • I knew all about the mystery cousin thing before viewing the press conference (Is it Cousin Itt? Cousin Vinny? Who knows?), so I busted out laughing hearing A-Rod explain it. This is what the best and brightest PR team came up with as his defense? Sheesh.
  • And this is the thing I can never get past regarding steroid usage - the whole needle thing. I have rolling veins, so every time I get blood drawn, it's torture. And I don't really like needles anyway. So I just can't understand how ballplayers could let some buddy or trainer or "cousin" stick a needle in them. Bad things happen when you let somebody shoot you up. Didn't he see "Trainspotting"?
  • What was up with the very long pause when A-Rod started talking about his teammates? Was he overcome with emotion or calculated? It was very strange.
  • And it was also odd that he recommended that if he had a son, he would recommend that he go to college. Alex has two daughters. Does he not think they should go to school beyond high school?
  • The whole "I didn't go to college" excuse doesn't really fly, either. Nor does the young and stupid one. Roger Clemens went to college (my alma mater, incidentally) plus he was accused of juicing up in his 40s.
  • My brother pointed out that A-Rod had his "cousin" smuggling drugs from the Dominican Republic for him. So didn't he put his family member in legal jeopardy?
  • Wonder what GNC thinks of Alex keeping on bringing them up as selling steroid-type products?
  • The thing that rang the most true to me, where Alex sounded the most sincere, was when he said that the effects of performance-enhancing drugs were half-physical, and half-mental.
  • Other than that, this press conference was pretty much a disaster. But, as A-Rod said, he laid his bed, and now he's going to have to sit on it!
What do you think? And which cousin helped A-Rod? Leave us a comment!


L to the B said...

"I knew all about the mystery cousin thing before viewing the press conference (Is it Cousin Itt? Cousin Vinny? Who knows?), so I busted out laughing hearing A-Rod explain it. This is what the best and brightest PR team came up with as his defense? Sheesh"

I was just thinking that Alex needs to ask that PR firm for his money back. I could have given him much better advice for free.

I agree with most of what you said regarding that fiasco yesterday, but I suppose on the A-Rod scale it was pretty okay. For most normal humans, that was a disaster.

I hope Alex took care of his cousin, because now everyone wants to find that man.

A lot of the stuff he said yesterday did not pass the sniff test, but you know what...what doesn't stink in this entire mess?

I am just ready to move on.

Anonymous said...

I find ARod both intriguing and infuriating. How does he get up there and lie like that and expect people to believe him? Cashman looked so drained, and frankly I would be too if I constantly had to deal with ARod and his dramas.. And Jeter looked like he was both furious and bored with it all. What a mess.....and just wait until the book comes out in April. That should be quite interesting.

Jonmouk71 said...

Good comment about the dangers of being injected - let us not forget that Mickey Mantle missed the end of the 1961 season (and the home run race to Roger Maris) when he was injected with a vitamin shot by a quack. He nearly missed the 1961 World Series with a bleeding abcess on the hip. Come to think of it, Alex should be more worried about hepatitis right now than anything else.

Jonmouk71 said...

One of my fellow Yankee friends has found the answer! This is absolutely verifiable - A-Rod was, in truth, injected with HDH, or Human Dope Hormone.............

Ryan O said...

Is it football season yet??? Im already tired of baseball...no mas w/ Alex Rodriguez please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She-Fan said...

I think the media bashing has made A-Rod more sympathetic. The more they pile on, the more it seems that there's a double standard. Pettitte said he was sorry and that was enough. A-Rod? He can't catch a break.

Anonymous said...

She-Fan, could it be that the media continues to press A-Fraud because he continues to lie? Can you honestly say that you believe what he said at his press conference?
The media backed off pettitte for a couple of reasons. most importantly, andy pettitte is much more likeable than alex fraudriguez. but also, andy gave a simple excuse and apology. he accepted responsibility, for the most part, for his actions. Aroid continues to think that everyone else in the world is stupid. I mean come on, his story is ridiculous.

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

The cousin has been identified:


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