Thursday, July 22, 2010

Take that, Tim McCarver: Keith Olbermann discovers 21(!) pictures of Joe Torre at the new Yankee Stadium

So much for Tim McCarver's claim that the Joe Torre has been airbrushed from Yankee Stadium. The FOX broadcaster told listeners Saturday that there's "no sign of Joe Torre at the stadium." But TV personality Keith Olbermann, went around Yankee Stadium the other day and counted 21 pictures of Torre, both outside and inside the ballpark. (Go to his Baseball Nerd blog to see some of the images.) There is even a luxury suite number 6, featuring pix of the last man to wear #6 - Torre.

I appreciate that Olbermann took the time to set the record straight with some photo evidence, something no NY paper tried to do.

He writes about the issue:
I'm a fan and friend of Tim McCarver's, and Joe Torre is my oldest baseball friend. I've even worked with them both. And I know the Yankees could have done better by Joe, and his exit was unceremonious and poorly-handled by the club. I would also argue that the Yankees are the most self-important, overly-serious franchise in overtly pro sports (I can think of about 27 college programs that would at least give them a run for their money).
But Timmy was just wrong, in style and in substance. Neither literally nor figuratively have the Yankees excised, erased, airbrushed nor Memory-Hole'd Joe Torre. Doubtless the day will come soon, perhaps even while he's still managing elsewhere, that they will formally retire the number and give him the big ceremony he deserves. To see a conspiracy in the fact that the day has yet to come is, at best, to overreact.
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Steven said...

Keith Olberman calling the Yankees self-important is pretty comical, but I guess it takes one to know one. At the end of the day, the Yankees probably should have had some Torre video in the thing they showed the day the old stadium closed. Other than that, I don't think they've done anything differently than any other franchise would.

Uncle Mike said...

Well, you have to remember, Keith Olbermann makes a living out of making Fox people look like fools.

I suppose the only reason this hurts him is because he and McCarver are actually friends, and there (probably) isn't a political reason for McCarver saying what he said -- after all, Torre is his friend, too.

john said...

McCarver must go! Still bitter at the the Yankee management for letting him go. Jim Kaat would make an ideal side kick to Joe Buck.

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