Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who will get your All-Star Final Vote?

I've been busy voting - and voting and voting - for Nick Swisher in the AL All-Star Final Vote campaign. I also wrote a piece for The Faster Times about the battle between him and Kevin Youkilis for the spot.

But I'm wondering who Yankee fans are throwing their National League vote to. I would have voted for Joey Votto - he got robbed of a spot on the All-Star team in the first place - but then he had to form an evil alliance with Youk. So that's out.

So I decided to make my NL vote all about ticking off Squawker Jon. Initially, I voted for ex-Met Billy Wagner. The fact that the Mets lost two draft picks by trading him is something that still ticks Jon off. But then I thought I should also throw some votes Heath Bell's way, given that the Mets essentially traded him for a bag of balls, and he's turned out to be a great closer for the San Diego Padres. Now that Bell has been named to the team as an injury replacement, maybe Jon will have to deal with both Wagner and Bell as All-Stars!

My votes are all about getting Jon irate. Ever wonder why Met-killer Yadier Molina wins the catcher vote every year for the All-Star Game? It's my fault!

Who is Jon voting for on his Final Vote ballot? I dunno, but I heard he's going to announce it tonight in a prime-time special. Where do you think LeBron James got the idea?

Who are you voting for? Tell us about it!


Jon Lewin said...

Squawker Lisa, LeBron stole my time slot, so I'll just tell you now that Joey Votto is an MVP candidate and Youkilis and Konerko have the best stats on the AL side. So it comes down to which one you don't want. Which means that I'll be supporting the Votto-Youkilis ticket.

Uncle Mike said...

I've been splitting my vote between Ryan Zimmerman, a terrific player who deserves it, and Billy Wagner, whose hopeless "closing" has now hurt 4 different teams: Astros, Phillies, Mets and Red Sox -- and I wholeheartedly approve of the occurrence of the last 2. Hopefully, he'll make the Tomahawk Choppers the 5th team in that litany.

And, of course, I've been voting for Swisher. As much as anyone else, he helped take the uptight Yankees of 2004-08 and turn them into the loose, life-enjoying, World Champion Yankees of 2009. He's not the best player, or the most important... but he is a very good one, and he might be the most fun.

urinalfresh23 said...

I say let the stats sheet do the talking. Pick someone having a good year who has some intangible qualities as well. So I guess that leaves out everyone from the Bronx! Suckers.

urinalfresh23 said...

How about Jason Giambi? I hear he's doing a bang-up job out there in Colorado. And he's been steroid-free since after the 2008 season, that's gotta count for something!

But then again, anytime an ex-Yanker gets into the game, all the announcers do is yak it up about him and his time in the Bronx, and we don't really need to hear anymore about the criminal activities going on in the Bronx.

Peggy said...

Can anyone with the name "urinalfresh" be taken seriously ??

Name is gross ...can only make you wonder about the person...right?

Go Yankees 2010 !!!

urinalfresh23 said...

Would you prefer I use my other screen name: Yankers_smell_like_a_dirty_urinal_now_I_have_to_go_get_fresh

I could use that name instead, but it takes forever to logon. HA HA HA HA

Uncle Mike said...

Well, you could change it to "urinalfresh24," since it's no longer 23 years since the Mets last won a Series. Of course, you'd have to change it every new season.

urinalfresh23 said...

Maybe I should change it to urinalfresh27, because all 27 of your purchased trophies stink to high heaven, worse than every rotten urinal in your toilet of a stadium. And if there is a God in heaven, I won't have to change it ever again.

Uncle Mike said...

Refresh my memory: Did the Mets play for free in either 1969 or 1986? Certainly, in '86, they had the highest payroll in the Eight Batters Per Lineup League. Were you complaining about that then?

The irony is that we're talking about Nick Swisher, hardly the highest-paid Yankee, and one the Mets could really use, especially after Carlos Beltran comes back and gets hurt in his 2nd game back and is lost for the season again. Who knows, Swish even pitched a couple of times last season, and the Mets do need pitching!

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