Sunday, July 18, 2010

When the light at the end of the tunnel is Luis Castillo

Apparently, a two-run lead isn't enough for Francisco Rodriguez these days.

All three of K-Rod's July saves have come in games in which he entered with a lead of at least three runs. In two of them, K-Rod had leads of four runs - he came into the game with men on base. And in one of those, K-Rod gave up a couple of hits to score two runs and cut the lead in half.

The Mets won Sunday in extra innings despite K-Rod's latest meltdown, but any discussion of the Mets fighting for the postseason must include the question, do you trust K-Rod in a big spot? Neither do I.

So I'm still hoping the Mets don't mortgage their future for a shot in the dark at the playoffs. With Cliff Lee off the market, no difference maker is likely to be available. Roy Oswalt was the next-best pitcher who could be traded, but he left today's game with an injury.

With Carlos Beltran back, the Mets' next acquisition looks to be none other than Luis Castillo. Ruben Tejada has done the impossible - he's made Castillo's return to the lineup look like an upgrade. Tejada is now 4 for his last 38, which is a batting average of .108.

Actually, Tejada has done two impossible things - as long as he's in the lineup, Rod Barajas is not in the deepest slump, despite going 4 for his last 33, which puts him all the way up to .121.

Send Tejada to the minors, let him play every day, and don't trade him for a rental. Tejada isn't untouchable, but at age 20, he certainly has enough upside to eventually replace Omar Minaya's questionable contracts for Castillo and Alex Cora.

Also send Josh Thole down so he can play every day. Despite Barajas' slump (he's been useless at the plate since May), it's refreshing to see the Mets put defense first for a change.

At least K-Rod hasn't done as much damage as he might have - the Mets have come back to win three of his blown saves.


mhochman said...

The light at the end of the tunnel isn't Castillo... It's an oncoming train....

Uncle Mike said...

Fortunately, the 7 train is a local, making a lot of stops, so it doesn't hit the Mets with as much force as it could. On the other hand, it's like the Mets in that it never does truly get going like an express.

mhochman said...

It's like Groundhog day, Deja Vous all over again!

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