Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hard-hitting NYC Yankee writers pound the pavement to bring you the latest on...A-Rod

No profession is as self-congratulatory as journalism is. Too many of these writers act like they are saving the world with their deathless prose. Many sportswriters are even worse on that front than those on the news beat, especially when it comes to Alex Rodriguez. And even the most talented of the bunch have gotten Aroditis.

Ian O'Connor of ESPN New York, somebody whose work can be great, is on a dopey "compare and contrast" kick when it comes to Rodriguez. So far, he has written columns comparing him to Derek Jeter, CC Sabathia and now Brett Gardner. Who's next -- Cousin Brewski?

 Even Jeff Passan of Yahoo!, normally a level-headed writer, called baseball beat writers following A-Rod "first responders." Hey Jeff, firefighters who run into burning buildings are first responders. Policemen who battle crazed gunmen are first responders. Journalists who chased down A-Rod to get a quote? Not so much.

But I think I have now seen the dumbest thing of the week. The best and the brightest of the New York media are trying their best to see Alex Rodriguez take batting practice. They are hot on the case to let you know exactly how many times he swung the bat. Here they are, coiled and ready for action, burning up shoe leather to bring you the story:

C'mon, guys, all of you have done much better work that this nonsense. Can't you write on something better? Good grief.

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Gregory Casale said...

Does anyone really care about what A-Rod did today? I know I don't. Yankee beat writers are writing filler about A-Rod's purported discomfort about getting a physical and what he drove to the training complex while ignoring the statements of Hal Steinbrenner making one more attempt to defend his ongoing journey of taking the Yankees from class to trash. There is so much to dig out of that statement but instead the writers take the easy route and fail to challenge Hal.

He claims their $235M payroll to be one of the highest in baseball but fans point out that as a percentage of revenue it's merely middle of the pack. He fails to point out that the stated $235M salary includes luxury taxes but a fan doesn't miss it. Doesn't anyone have the courage to challenge this dribble. How much have the Yankees pocketed already from the products of those contracts. Isn't anyone a little sick of the shameless marketing of the core 4? Do the Yankees really expect to draw fans to more celebration of the days when they really cared about winning with a night for each member of those teams that were constructed to win while the squad on the field is simply there to appease. Common people. Grow a set and write about something that matters.

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