Monday, April 27, 2015

Subway Series Game 3: A-Rod hits #659, Yankees win, mayhem ensues

How are you feeling, Squawker Jon? Are you sore like Mr. Met, now that your team has lost two out of three to the Yankees? Did you forget how many outs there were, like Met Eric Campbell did tonight?

Boy, that was a sloppy, messy game. Bad pitching, lots of bad plays. Not exactly one for the highlight reels. But ultimately, the Yankees won, and they (and I) have the bragging rights. Sorry, Jon!

As for the ESPN broadcasters, It was funny hearing John Kruk talking about A-Rod guessing on pitches, and then get to see A-Rod "guess" his way to home run #659.  I also had to laugh about them second-guessing on the A-Rod milestone thing, suggesting that they weren't going to tell him what to do, and then doing just that.

Sorry, folks, but I don't care if Alex wants to spend his $6 million on portraits of himself as great men in history. A-Rod as Napoleon! A-Rod as Patton! A-Rod as Einstein! It's his money. He doesn't need to promise to give it to charity or anything else.

Show A-Rod the money!
The Yankees signed the A-Rod contract in December 2007, the exact date that the Mitchell Report was released, and four months after Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's record. They could have put contingencies in there. They didn't. Am I supposed to feel sorry that a $4 billion team is going to have to pay $6 million -- pocket change for them -- for a contract they signed? No way.

My friend Joe had this great comment on Facebook tonight:

When A-Rod hits his next home run I want him to cross home plate, point to the owners box, and do the Johnny Manziel money sign. The back page of the NY Post needs this to happen.
I agree, Joe! 

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