Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mets: No hits, no runs, no offensive upgrades

This blog's logo has changed to "Subway Squawkers - A Whole New Ballgame" to reflect the the fact that we will be writing about other topics in addition to baseball. For the record, this change was in the works before the Mets were no-hit by a 27-year-old rookie who had allowed five earned runs in three of his previous four starts. (Our thanks to Cindy Regan, who created the original logo and updated it.)

After the game, Gary Apple noted that the last time the Mets were no-hit at home—by Pittsburgh's Bob Moose in 1969—the Mets went on to win the World Series. To that, I respond that the last time the Mets were no-hit anywhere—by Houston's Darryl Kile in 1993—they went on to lose 103 games.

The Mets aren't losing 103 games this year, but they aren't winning the World Series either, not with this lineup and this front office. Even if the Mets were willing to spend money, it's far from clear that legitimate offensive upgrades are readily available.

Even if the Mets can't hit, a great rotation can keep them competitive. But Noah Syndergaard's ERA is now 4.15, which means that four of the Mets' six starters now have ERAs over 4. The other two starters—Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom—can't pitch every day, and even if they could, we've already seen Harvey give up no runs in two straight starts and have nothing to show for it.

The ninth inning of a no-hit bid isn't as dramatic when the Mets are sending up Anthony Recker (hitting .149), Danny Muno (hitting .100 after he struck out) and Curtis Granderson (batting leadoff by default). With Recker reaching on a HBP, Ruben Tejada was able to bat as well. The fact that Tejada, who couldn't hit enough to play shortstop, has spent a lot of time at third base this season says all you need to know about the state of the Mets' lineup.

Muno, Granderson and Tejada all struck out looking to give Chris Heston his no-hitter. Carlos Beltran strikes out looking in 2006 and many fans never forgive him. And that was against Adam Wainwright.

At least Matt Harvey is pitching tonight. Talk about a need for a stopper. A Dark Knight to erase memories of a dark night. Or at least to keep the game a scoreless tie for a while.

Our blog can declare it's "a whole new ballgame." If only the same could be said for the Mets' offense.

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