Friday, October 2, 2015

Yankees kick it old school as they win a spot in the postseason

It's funny. I've found this Yankee team very hard to watch this week. Until last night, when they finally clinched their Wild Card spot. Their shenanigans after the game made me very happy. Not only were they enjoying the champagne celebration for their postseason entry (and their 10,000th win, as it turn out!) but they even had the rookies (and Masahiro Tanaka) dress like old-school rappers! How could I not love the music of my youth being honored like that?

I saw LL Cool J, Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy in concert back in the day. Back when I stood out like a sore thumb at their MSG shows! But that music is still the best, and it's still regularly played on my iPod Classic.

Anyhow, These pictures make me giggle with glee. Especially the one with A-Rod in the background. Because nothing sez hip-hop like Alex Rodriguez!

From the Daily News: Here are the players, along with the acts they are reppin' (left to right, in the tweeted photo): Rob Refsnyder as House of Pain's Everlast, Jose Pirela clearly as LL Cool J, James Pazos as Salt and Rico Noel as Pepa (with A-Rod in the middle), Girardi, Bryan Mitchell, Nick Goody and Greg Bird we are assuming are the Beastie Boys, Luis Severino clearly as Flava Flav and Masahiro Tanaka, Yankees Japanese media relations Yoshiki Sato and Shingo Horie (Tanaka's translator) as the legendary Run-DMC.
I liked that the Yankees did a full-throated celebration, too, even though they only won a Wild Card spot, instead of a division title. I'm a firm believer in enjoying everything like that, as you never know when you'll get there again. Look at the Yankees themselves. Besides, it's a little arrogant, IMHO, to be like "we only celebrate pennants."

It's like with my running. I try to enjoy every race. Every moment. Because you cannot count on anything else. The future is not promised to you.

Look, this spring, I never expected this team to contend for anything. So anything is gravy, in my view. And even this A-Rod apologist didn't expect him to hit more than 15 homers. Him hitting over 30 is just phenomenal! It was cool to see so happy he was last night, especially when CC Sabathia gave him that bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne! It was also great to see how thrilled Sabathia was as well. He's back, baby!

I noticed how many times the players talked about team chemistry, and their brotherhood. They haven't really had that spirit since 2009.

One other note: how about that John Ryan Murphy interview. Best line of the night :"Everybody is on the same page... and that page is drinking." Ha!

Now, bring on the...other Wild Card team, whoever it is!

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