Friday, October 9, 2015

This Yankee fan's Top 5 reasons to root for the Mets to win the World Series

I am wearing my Reggie Jackson shirt today
to show my Yankee pride. It's also a subtle
slam to Mets fans. Do you know why?
So much for my list ranking which teams I would most like to see win the World Series. Not only are the Yankees out, but so are the Pittsburgh Pirates! That means that the Mets are literally at the top of the list now:

3. Pirates: I interviewed Cutch and got to see the team up close. Great bunch of guys.
2. Mets: What's good for the Mets is good for the Squawkers! 
1. Yankees: Wouldn't it be something if they won this year, preferably with A-Rod as MVP? 

I also mocked the Cardinals (last on my list) with the very things Yankee fans get attacked for, saying that I'm sick of these dynasties and their entitled fans!"  (Note: My friend Tyler at Red Sox fan site Monstah Mash had a field day with this line! He doesn't like the Cards either, though. He wrote to me on Twitter the other day: "At least we're both miserable now and agree we hate the Cards." I think I'm going to bond with him and fellow Monstah Masher Nick this winter over the baseball bitterness in our hearts. But I digress!)

Anyhow, I heard yesterday that the Mets have asked their fans to wear orange and blue today in solidarity with their team. I joked I was going to pin $100 bills on my clothing to show solidarity with my Yankees. Heh.

Jon said I should wear golf gear and carry clubs to show what the Yankees are doing now -- playing golf! He also made a golf joke about me in his latest Squawk. (Newsflash: we both beat jokes into the ground. Deal with it!)

Instead, I'm rocking my Reggie Jackson circa 1977 shirt and my RBF. (Wonder who will get what an RBF is!) And there is a method to my madness in choosing the Reggie shirt. It is definitely a tweak at the Mets.

Today, Eeyore Squawker Jon predicted that the Dodgers would beat the Mets in the NLCS. Way to show confidence in your team, buddy. So does that mean I have to take up the "Mets are going all the way, baby" cause?

Since I like lists, I am going to come up with my Top 5 list of reasons why it would be good for the Mets to win the World Series:

1. It would give Metsland something to talk about besides 1969 and 1986. Especially 1986. Talk about living Bruce Springsteen's song "Glory Days"! If I took a shot of tequila every time 1986 is brought up in a typical Mets broadcast, I'd be passed out drunk on the floor by the second inning.

2. It would give Yankee fans the opportunity to do the "count the rings" rejoinder. (Picture the meme of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka saying, "You have three rings? How cute. The Yankees have 27.")

3. Maybe Mets fans like Squawker Jon would be a little less Eeyore. A little less "little brother" to the Yankees, Oh, wait. The last time the Mets ran this town was in the mid-80s, when I was in high school and college. And I remember how insufferable some Mets fans could be. People think of the Mets as the underdog, back then, being a Bombers then made me the underdog!

4. The Mets winning it all might put a fire under Yankee brass. Right now, they're content to keep Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi and everything else the same as much as possible. Plus, they haven't improved the fans' experience for the off-the-field stuff. Unlike Citi Field, which has terrific food, the food is horrendous at Yankee Stadium (at least the food for those of us behind the moat!) and the place doesn't have the welcoming feel that Citi Field does. If the Mets win it all, the Yanks might actually have to 1) improve the team, 2) improve the food and 3) become fan-friendly! Dare to dream.

5. It's good for the Squawkers. It will be good for my plans of world domination. Isn't that enough?

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