Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trouble in Squawker City - Lisa is a jersey girl

Who'da thunk it? After a stormy start to spring training, Yankeeland is Camp Tranquility these days. And Joe Girardi took a cue (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) from Tom Coughlin's bowling trip with the Giants - he took the Yankees out to play pool yesterday. Sounds like great fun, even if I couldn't get the "Ya Got Trouble" song from "The Music Man"out of my head yesterday:

Trouble, oh we got trouble/Right here in River City! /With a capital "T"/That rhymes with "P"/And that stands for Pool!

Heh! Anyhow, I always love seeing the Yankees in "civilian" clothes (click here to see a gallery of pictures from the pool tournament.) Seeing such pix also keeps me up on the recent fashion trends - I wouldn't know who or what Ed Hardy is if it weren't for A-Rod wearing those t-shirts all the time.

In other news, I was causing trouble in Squawker City. I read on Mets Police that you cannot plug in the last name "Ramirez" onto a Mets jersey. I went to see for myself, and tried the personalizing jerseys function at mets.com with Manny's name. I got the following message:

Your current entry cannot be processed. Some entries are prohibited due to guidelines for past and present player names. Please create a new entry.

An outrage!

Then I tried to plug in the word "steroids" on both a Mets jersey, and a Yankee one on yankees.com, and got this hectoring from the site:

Your current entry cannot be processed. Language deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane will not be accepted. Please create a new entry.

Another outrage! But while MLB got all prissy on me when it comes to using the word "steroids", it didn't have a problem with the words "Balco," "HGH," "Boli," and "Tic Tacs." Or even a real profanity, like Madonna! For all of them, the site made up a mockup of what the uniform would look like, and had this message:

Great choice! To purchase your customized jersey, click on "ADD TO CART."

It's $99 to make up an A-Rod "Boli" or "HGH" jersey with No. 13 - too rich for my blood. But I'm wondering if some prankster will do so this year, and what will happen if they try to go to the Stadium wearing such a shirt. Will hilarity ensue?

Come to think of it, though - who would want to put a last name at all on a Yankee jersey, given that the players don't have their names that way on their uniforms? It makes no sense.

And what's up with the Mets inaugural season jersey being $249? Is it because of that lovely Domino's pizza patch?

In addition to this, the Mets site also has not one but two different Mets jerseys for pets, and even a Mets K9 varsity jacket! Talk about a team that's gone to the dogs!

One other note - Squawker friend Bob Ekstrom has a whole mess of links about what's happening in Red Sox Nation these days. Click here to see it.

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