Monday, January 19, 2009

Yankees and Mets - A tale of two patches

We're doing something a little different this morning. The Perpetual Post, a Web site started by New York Observer writer Howard Megdal, invited us to debate the merits of the Yankee and Met stadium patches. Yes, Squawker Jon actually defended that chintzy Citi Field patch.

Check it out at and tell us what you think!


Anonymous said...

b4 they agree on the patch.I suggest they change the name to
P.S. we paid for it

Anonymous said...

there is no defending the mets patch, at least for those who care in the first place, which I don't. The mets could all have pirate eye-patches, for all I care, as long as they make the playoffs. Isn't there more relevant baseball issues that can be discussed? or is the next comparison going to be about the urinals at each respective stadium?

"Nutball Gazette" said...

The Mets patch is hideous. I cannot believe that they could not come up with something much better, It looks like a Cheap T-Ball patch done by the 4 year old players.. Oops I apologize th all 4 year olds, My 4 year old nephew and his classmates have much more artistic talent than the person who came up with this patch.

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