Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Run Apple headed to DL?

Home Run AppleAt first, the Mets said it was nothing. The Home Run Apple just needed a few seconds to reset, that's all. Now management is hoping that the All-Star break and following road trip will give the Apple enough time to heal and avoid the disabled list.

Already the finger-pointing has begun. Some claim that that the Home Run Apple felt pain when it rose for Brian Schneider's homer, but the Mets sent it right out there again when Fernando Tatis hit one out two batters later. They say the Apple tried to do too much too soon.

Others blame the Home Run Apple's conditioning, noting that The Apple's outfield home is dangerously close to Shake Shack.

Now the Mets are frantically searching for a supersize MRI machine. And the Home Run Apple plans to get a second opinion from a specialist in microfracture surgery.

The Mets appear to have no interest in bringing the old Home Run Apple back. In fact, the once-beloved local icon is on the verge of signing with the rival Phillies.

If the Home Run Apple is out for any length of time, the Mets may have to look for help outside the organization. Don't expect any help from the farm system - Buffalo's Home Run Grape has been on the shelf since May.


MetsPubRec said...

Hilarious, great post! How fitting was it for the new Home Run Apple to lay in disbelief after the Mets went deep back-to-back on Sunday. Even the Apple was stunned. By the way, Brian Schneider is developing quite the power stroke.

mhochman said...

Ahhh, with the way the Mets have been playing and all the injuries, i needed that laugh... It's too bad we traded Castro, we could have just painted his head red and had him stand up in the outfield when a HR was hit! maybe Mr Met can sub.

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