Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another thing to add to the Derek Jeter myth: He 'rarely argues calls'

There was a whole to-do about Derek Jeter being called out attempting to steal third yesterday in the first inning. True, Scott Rolen didn't actually tag Jeter, but 1) the throw reached third base way before Jeter did, and 2) Jeter shouldn't have been stealing in the first place, a point Joe Girardi, who got thrown out of the game arguing the call, made in the postgame.

Part of the controversy involves Jeter repeating what he said umpire Marty Foster told him - that since the ball beat Derek, Rolen didn't have to tag him. And even crew chief John Hirschbeck weighed in to defend Jeter over his own ump, saying:

"In my 27 years in the big leagues, he's probably the classiest person I've been around," Hirschbeck said. "It would make his actions seem appropriate if that's what he was told."

Jeter also claimed he didn't argue with the ump over the call:
"It wasn't an argument, it was just that I didn't understand it."
It sure looked like an argument to me. If it weren't, then why did third base coach Rob Thomson feel the need to insert himself between Jeter and Foster?

Virtually every story about yesterday's game suggests that Jeter rarely argues calls. You could have fooled me. Where does this myth come from, anyway? The next time he gets called out on strikes and doesn't argue with the umpire will be the first time.

Granted, my guess is that Jeter doesn't say any of the magic words that cause ejection. After all, he's never been tossed from a game in his entire career. But to suggest that he rarely argues umpire calls is just laughable. And untrue. He may be polite about it, but he does openly disagree with umpires a lot.

But perception is reality. Much like how Milton Bradley, to name one example, will rarely be given the benefit of the doubt, even when he's in the right, Jeter gets the rep of rarely arguing umpires' calls, even though it is not the case.

Anyhow, I'm not going to blame the Yankees' loss on this bad call, not when Andy Pettitte continued his poor pitching at the Stadium, giving up six earned runs.

I do think Nick Swisher should have taken a pitch after Jeter walked in a run, instead of swinging at the first pitch and popping up. But really, I am surprised the game was as close as it was, which says something positive about the Yanks' fortitude.

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Unknown said...

Well by definition he had to be tagged out since it wasn't a force. That is why he agued after what that ump told him. The secound base ump also blew two morecalls in the same game,one of which allowed an extra out which led to the 3 run homer in the third inning.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

derek jeter can do all and can do no wrong while doing all. sleep while awake. run while walking. fasting while eating.

And he can argue without ever arguing. he just puts his head down and asks in a nondescript way.

Anonymous said...

I tend to feel that sometimes DJ "questions" calls (which is his right)moreso than argues them. I can't blame him for arguing yesterday especially if he was given that explanation. You only steal third when you know you can make ...he did ...it's not his fault the umpire made a bad call. I think those men in blue need a brush up course in the School for Umpiring. Of course better pitching and scoring some of the men left on base could have overcome the ump's bad calls.

Hopefully the Yankees can take both series before the All Star Break...maybe slide into first..a nice way to end the first half of the season.


Go Yankees 2009

Anonymous said...

Lisa you've been a hater from way back, so I can understand your take on the story.

The fact is, Jeter rarely gets in an umps face the way he did yesterday. If you dispute that, then I don't know what else to say to you. We should just move on and agree you don't watch much baseball.
My problem wasn't with the blown call, it's with the umps reasoning. LOL, and if you actually WATCHED that game and didn't think 1) the crew was betting on the game OR 2) they need to get glasses then I think you may have your own biases too.

Linda in H-town said...

I am surprised you don't think it at all interesting the ump doesn't allow the official rules of baseball to govern his calls.

Who really cares how many times Jeter argues with umps vs. How many times Milton Bradley argues with umps? I find the reasoning behind some of those amazing calls I saw in yesterday's game much more relevant.

Subway Squawkers said...

I'm not a Jeter-hater; I just don't worship at the altar of the captain. As for whether he argues calls, he does it. A lot. Next time he gets called out on strikes, watch his reaction. Like I said, he may be polite about it, but he does argue with the umpires.

- Lisa

Anonymous said...

Lisa, not worshiping the ground Jeter walks on IS being a hater. You know that.

Its a losing battle.

nutballgazette said...

Some think that Raguing is only done Billy Martin, Earl Weaver and Lou Pinella Style.
Jeter just turns around, Gives the ump the eye and tells them what he thinks in a quiet way,

Anonymous said...

Lisa, While I don't worship the captain either, but that was the worse excuse I have ever heard from an umpire. Question: what is the difference between a force play and a tag play? Would it be the tag?! If a throw beating you is all that matters, why did Rolen even bother bending down. he should have just played it like a firstbaseman with his foot on the bag. This would also change many plays at the plate if this "new rule' was enforced.

Anonymous said...

Lisa ...

I watch just about every game when I'm not at one...either live or dvr...you by your own omission have written many times where you didn't see the game because you were doing this or that. I rarely see Jeter argue a call ...he might stand at home plate a second longer when he's k'd but that's about it. Read the umpire's quote how in 25 years he has rarely seen it and how he considers Jeter one of the classiest guys in baseball. He is highly respected by his peers. I really think you are on a losing side in this post.

Sorry but it does seem you have a Jeter prejudice because of the love he gets versus the dislike for Alex. Remember one thing ...you can make fun of Jeter as much as you want for his "lack" of saying anything but in reality it makes him much smarter because the less said the better off he is with the media. Alex has brought much on himself even tho' many times he is a target unfairly.

I am a fan of both players ...faults and all. I like the way they play the game and that's what really matters in the end.


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

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